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    Lightbulb Drew Mcintyre + john morrison

    well i think everyone will agree at the EC event this year both jomo and drew got a good showing. what i feel is bull is that jomo is still getting looked at better than drew(even though i think drew is a better wrestler cause of what i saw live before he was in wwe). and now jomo is getting backstage heat none of them are going to get shown regulery. now these are just my feelings in this. but do you not think wwe would of tried to be smarter and relised that both superstars were on the trending list on the night of ec. but yet they decide not to use drew more........and i have always thought wwe has something about scotsman not getting all the way through that "glass ceiling"

    so your thoughts on my thought?

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    I still have high hopes for Drew because they still refer to him as The Chosen One and still talk about how Vince "hand picked" him. Another thing is with Edge having to suddenly leave they will have to push someone to take his spot and you can't have the main event picture with only having 2 people (ADR and Christian) they could have Alberto del Rio and Christian fight over the title and then with that feud ends have Christian have the belt and Drew attack him because him and Edge had beef.
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    All wrestlers go through some kind of "adversity" (storyline-wise), so I'm sure if he rides it out, there's going to be big things. I don't know about a world championship or anything, but people seem to forget that you can be a main eventer without winning (or sometimes competing for) a championship.

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    I can see Drew being pushed more towards the main event picture during this year. He needs to stay on Smackdown after the draft though.
    With Edge gone, and The Undertaker likely not appearing again for a long time, I can see guys like McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger getting pushed to the main event on Smackdown. Smackdown also IMO needs a powerhouse in the main event scene. RAW have Sheamus (although he's now US champ), and Cena is a powerhouse I suppose. I say give Chris Masters a push, or have Skip Sheffield or Mason Ryan pushed to the main event on Smackdown. They also have Ezekiel Jackson, but IMO, he's not s very good wrestler.
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    i dont think drew mcintyre is anything special. i find him kinda boring at times.

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    I think Drew will be a world champions some day in the next 2 years. Morrison will be midcarder for life. From all the reports Vince didn't really like him before the issues with Trish. He just keeps digging that hole deeper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenjinator View Post
    i dont think drew mcintyre is anything special. i find him kinda boring at times.
    This. Both he and Morrison have no charisma and in order to prosper in WWE you need charisma.


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    I have real high hopes for Drew. As show at EC, he can be very aggressive and it works for him. Though at first when he was trying to get with Kelly reminded me of Festus (Personality changes once the bell rung) I just hope that he becomes WHC soon.

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    like i said i have been watching drew a lot in the scotland promations.........i think he is really talented but wwe dont let him do more stuff

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    JoMo will be in the doghouse for a while I guess and I think SD needs an new babyface main eventer, so this means that they should push a mid card face such as Kofi or maybe even Chris master although I think he needs to hold a mid card title. I hope they just don't leave it with Christian, so Drew has to wait for his opportunity.

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