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    Quote Originally Posted by Leggo View Post
    Just watched it... IMO it was a good debut match. The crowd weren't exactly buzzing throughout to be fair, and the botch wasn't as bad as the headline stated. Recovered well, and a quality finish.

    Btw, both times SC has used the trampoline to jump in the ring, is it just me, or does it look like he catches the top rope? It looks too high for him.
    Yes he grabs a hold of the top rope each time he does his entrance. I think this is for safety reasons, and to give him the momentum to flip on his way into the ring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    I just worry that one of these days he's going to botch that entrance. Twice he's already barely gotten over that top rope.

    It won't be pretty.
    i have to agree on that one, i have the same feeling with bourne's entrance.

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    he might become abit like Ultimo Dragons WWE stint. God i hope not lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    I just worry that one of these days he's going to botch that entrance. Twice he's already barely gotten over that top rope.

    It won't be pretty.
    lol i gotta second that

    Apart from the botched finisher (It was Primo who slipped there right? gotta watch it again) it was an entertaining match. Something different then the regular matches, it was refreshing. That reversal he did on Primo's power bomb was pretty sick imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudo View Post
    Really? You guys sound like sheep! Just because "you've heard" that Sin Cara is a good wrestler doesn't mean that EVERY SINGLE ONE of his matches are good and this one was BAD ... I'm impressed by his amazing acrobatics just as much as the next guy, but seriously?
    Same with Daniel Bryan, whose matches, according to you, are all gold, while he botches the slingshot almost every time, he has no mic skills/charisma, who hasn't used any submissions except his finisher for months (this one is probably WWE's fault) and whose last really memorable match was with Dolph Ziggler.
    Another guy is CM Punk. I love him, he is probably the best "total package" guy in WWE right now, but while all of you hate TNA's WinterLove angle, you seem to enjoy Punk's current "brainwash stupid people into following your every order" gimmick, Really? Really? Nexus Punk is horrible, even his promos aren't what they used to be. His SES character was AMAZING, as if he truely believed to be a sick and twisted SE Savior, every single word sounded legit. Now? not so much. He actually sounds bored of his current character and so am I.

    Now back to Sin Cara Really think about it. You laugh at and accuse R-truth of being the ultimate botcher. Now imagine if he was in Sin Cara's place, or if an NXT rookie, the Uso's, Drew Mc, Miz and others were in Sin Cara's place. If they did something like that you wouldn't just say "it happens to everyone", you'd call them idiots.
    I'm not saying Sin Cara is bad, not at all. I'm just saying that not EVERY SINGLE ONE of his matches has to be good just because he is internationally famous.
    Dude, there's a huge difference between Winter and her witch spells shit and CM Punk's. What Winter does, doesn't exist in REAL life. On the other hand, people get lured into cults and followings. They sacrifice themselves in many ways just to please a leader (see elections.) And others even commit mass suicide just because some jackass says the world's going to end.

    I sense a repressed TNA fan...

    "I am not a NUGGET!"

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    I remember when Rey Mysterio debuted on Smackdown he was putting on five star matches with Kurt Angle right off the bat. And Angle was already at the height of his WWE career. I always thought they would do the same with Sin Cara and start him off against a major heel, but I guess theyre introducing him to the audience slowly instead.

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    I thought the Sin Cara debut was amazing. The guy was all over the ring, doing amazing flips, amazing moves, and man is he a high flyer. That finisher that he finally did after Primo botched the 1st try was flat out SICK!. He has the potential imo to be as good as if not better than Mysterio. I do have to agree that if he does purposely grab the top rope for protection fine but man it seems like I have gasped twice now on both of his trampoline entrances. The crap thing is that I have seen him twice now on Raw and both times, imo, it didn't seem like he got that loud a pop from the crowd. Maybe it's just me but they weren't very enthusiastic of him before or after his match. The only time I honestly knew there was a crowd was when he did one of his high octane like maneuvers. Too bad for him cuz the guy has loads of energy and talent.

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    i read Clarks review of the match and honestly expected the worst match wasn't that bad. i mean the crowd was a bit dull and the obvious botch at the end. but aside from that i thought it was a good Raw debut.

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    This was a great way to show case sin cara full skill set, i honestly hate debut squash matches, because it gives you one side of a 2 sided coin, in the wwe youve gotta be able to give a beating and take a beating, and most times when someone debuts with 30 second squash matches and looks strong, and then is totally boring in a normal 10/15 min match. also the match was rated D- ????? fuck off! more accurate rating would be around the B- to B+ mark

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    I've been waiting for that match for years... Now its happened, what did I think? Its fair to say that WWE put him with the right guy to showcase all his hurracanrannas and headscissor variations. And, botch aside, I think the desired result was achieved with this match. Had the botch not occured I reckon the pop would have been louder, but that was hardly Sin's faul, was it?...... It'll be interesting to see how he interacts with the bigger stars, and wether they will permit him to use the same crazy moves that brought him to the dance, in their matches.
    For those upset at the ammount of offence Primo got in the match, get used to it.... WWE has their new ultimate underdog, and his name is Sin Cara.
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