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Thread: Wwe network

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    I'm getting an apple tv basically for the network. does anyone have this setup and do you like it?

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    That sounds about right. It also sounds like a great time.

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    Does anyone know when the WWE Network will have the 2014 Elimination Chamber.

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    Update: got an apple tv, upgraded my internet to 25 Mbps, streaming the hell outta some old school. not 1 hiccup, no blurry slowdown at all.

    must admit I'm a little concerned with what it doesn't do, like keep my place on the shows I'm watching. also no queue? maybe we'll get it in an update

    so happy to finally check out some NXT, been wanting to see that for a long time.

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    WWE network wrestlemania problems

    anyone have problems right now?

    Not sure if you guys are getting it but i am getting messed up sound on my end. sounds liek i am listening to it on an AM Radio.... anyone else?

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    Not sure what you're hoping to achieve with this?

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    Been pretty flawless for me. Maybe you should try upgrading from dial-up.
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    yep, zero issues with me. Watched it on Apple TV just fine. Only stopped once during the Cena/Wyatt match, but started back up about 20 seconds later.

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    it froze for a sec when the rock came out. fuck the network. biggest waste of my 9.99.

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    Well the 1st numbers are in WWE network garnered 667,287 subscribers...
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