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    Thumbs down Idiotic Notions About Wrestling By Fans

    So what widespread (or maybe not so widespread) fan beliefs get up your nose? I must admit, as a fan, I'm not a big fan of the fans. Lol, my superiority complex leads me to believe I am somehow different and better than certain fans and I know that I'm not alone here, except for the fact I will admit it.

    Here's a big thing that gets to me -

    The ongoing belief that some wrestlers can 'own' a move. What a crock of shit. Once a move is invented it belongs to the wrestling world. Sure, give the wrestler inventing the move credit for coming up with something new - that's great, you're being innovative and contributing to the growth of the industry. But expecting others not to 'steal' your move is ludicrous.

    What if moves like the bodyslam, the suplex, the clothesline were wrestler specific and not used by others? What if Stone Cold could never do a Thesz press? How stupid do you want to get?


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