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    i dont know if anybody reads the roh boards and i am ok with it, so watching roh today i wrote a little something, so i'll leave it here as well.

    i dont know if its wrestling in general, with elgin talking about roh being 12 of wrestling and show casing talent, speaking who will be the next stars of wrestling, right now it seems all 3 companies are looking to the future of young guys.

    when the top guys left roh, roh was in a slump but now there are some guys worth watching(unless they decide to leave also, roh is going to look for a new batch of guys). wwe has some great talent to looking forward to on nxt and also seeing them on the main shows. i am not going to trash tna, but tna does have a history of breaking promises or just not living it up. so, with them, lets just see how they play out.

    coming year(s), it'll be nice to see how each show goes and show cases what talent they have. if people want competition, tna and roh is going to have to step it up and turn heads.

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    kinda expected hhh, smart to go with heyman

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    pointless to chant for cm punk, he isn't there and if he is watching or heard his name being chanted he still isnt going to show up.

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    lol so much for hijacking the show

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    if batista is asking where are the real men at, why doesnt big e come out? help push big e over more and a competitor. also when rusuv comes he should be put in the US title scene. if he is here to take over america, or whatever he should show his dominance. i wouldnt mind seeing them two going at it in a match.

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    the what? dont think anybody really cared

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    not the cena we need. making a joke out of everything

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    what was that? it was like erick gave that pin to cena

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