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    Steve Austin's comments on WWE/RAW talent

    So I am sitting here listening to the Steve Austin podcast. He made a few points that I would like to get the you guys thoughts on. In no way is any of this verbatim.

    1.He said that Bray Wyatt is good on the mike but he needs improvement.
    (To Austin's credit he said he views promos differently from fans like you and I)
    2.With that said what do you think he meant by that.
    Sure I know he has a wrestling background which gives him different insight then the ordinary fan, however what do you think that insight is exactly? What is it that he is looking for that goes over the head of a regular fan like myself. This is just my guess but I liken it to a singer or a musician where to the public it might sound flawless but to a fellow performer it could use some work.

    3. He said the Wyatt family is still green in the ring.

    4. He said that the USO's are also green.

    He never said that any of these people were terrible at what they do but he did emphasize that they are either a little green or just plain still green. I personally think Bray is great on the mike and I think the USOs are great in the ring.

    What do you guys think of this?

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    Only just seen this.

    Surprised with the Uso's comment. Each to there own but they seem pretty sound to me in the ring. I wouldn't disagree with anything else too much. I'm sure there's always something that can be done to make someone or a promo better.

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    I think Bray is just about the best thing to happen to WWE in the last decade. Love his mike work. The creepy promos are great. Sometimes though with his character style you can cut an awesome promo in three words. He doesn't always need to be so wordy and cryptic. I want to see a promo from Bray were he is really pissed, says very little at high intensity, and beats someone down. That's how Taker did it early and I think it suits this character perfectly.

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    I don't agree with him in thinking the Usos are green in the ring.
    I do agree with his view on The Wyatt family though. I think Bray's great on the mic, but in the ring all 3 need some work.
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    Yeah, I agree with SCSA on the Usos. I dont get their appeal. They have yet to do anything out of the ordinary or memorable. Matter of fact, they may be the most forgettable in-ring tag team in the WWE today. If the Usos were not on TV for 2 months, would anyone really notice? I dont think so.


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