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    I have no idea what they are going to do with Daniel Bryan. If they put him against Triple H I would not mind that at all. CM Punk (rumored) walked out? If that is true maybe they will lure him back in for maybe a Title Shot at WMXXX.. I have no idea. I dont want Punk to be gone. I think he is a big part of wrestlemania and he will have a million pissed off fans at WMXXX. They need to get Punk back if he is really gone.
    I dont think he will be gone long (or at least i hope so)... Maybe he is just wanting to take a break from Live shows right now...
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    How can they lure him back with a WM title match? Batista won the Rumble and Punk ain't in the Chamber. Let him go if he's unhappy. He had the title for over a year last year and had nothing but high profile feuds. They made him rich and famous. They owe him nothing. It sucks if he leaves but he's a grown man and from what I've read he saves his money so let him do what he wants.

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    Already a DB thread, already a CM Punk thread. If you want this in either one, let me know, until then, it's closed.


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