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    WWE World Heavyweight Championship

    How long will WWE make their World Champ hold both titles.

    Didn't they just want one Title? I mean come on... We already know they have unified them, no need to keep on showing the old World Heavyweight Championship....

    Your thoughts?

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    RAW after Mania

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    I agree - You'd think that after announcing the Unification match that someone would have got off their ass and think to make a singular belt for the occasion. But , sadly, logic and creative thinking are amiss in the WWE.

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    as long as the new belt looks more like the world title than that horrible wwe thing

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    I don't think there was ever any intention to keep the title unified forever. Remember, this is not the first time those belts were unified. The same thing happened back in 2001 when Jericho beat both The Rock and Stone Cold. If they really wanted to unify them permanently, there would already have been a new, official title.

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    I think it's likely that Orton will continue to hold both titles for the longevity of his title reign. I predict that it will be the new champion who will walk around with only one belt.

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    I have a strange thought that they could make Randy defend both titles seperately?

    Orton v Batista then Orton v DB .....i hope not and doubt it when i imagine Orton working 2 matches but i cant think of any other reason he's carrying both and not a new title.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    RAW after Mania
    I agree, they'll launch the new belt at the start of the new "season".

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    Well, when Triple H held the WWE World Heavyweight Tag Team Divas Hardcore Intercontinental Internet European Million Dollar ECW Championship, he was made to hold all the belts seperately. Remember?

    It's what is best for business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    RAW after Mania
    I agree with PSOjedi. Got to remember they just revealed a new belt a year ago. Although I'm sure when they put out a new title, people will hate it and complain about how they change the belt every year.


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