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    Another Missed Opportunity On WWE's Part

    So the Royal Rumble is over now and its clear that the group known as The Shield is all but over, whilst they strated to get on my nerves a bit over recent months due to the fact that the main event of every epsiode of Smackdown was a tag match involving them or every storyline involved them im a bit annoyed that WWE missed out on the opportunity to place them against The Wyatt Family.

    When the rumours first surfaced of a 3 on 3 match between the 2 factions, i was a little skeptical seen as i had already seen enough of the shield and im not a big fan of the Wyatt gimmick. However when the two teams had the brief alltercation in the ring on RAW a few months ago before turning their attention back to CM Punk, i have to admit i was very excited at first before they completely ruined it by working together against Punk.

    I just think they could have put this match together some time before now, like them or not, they are two of the most dominant factions in Wrestling History, especially The Shield, so whats more 'better for business' than to pitch the two teams up against eachother at a PPV.

    Also I thought Wade Barrett was going to make his debut in the Rumble match, but they wasted a spot on El Torito or JBL, who wouldnt have been so bad if i would have got to hear Michael Cole shout 'CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL' one more time.
    but now Barrett just has to mope about, talking random crap to Face, superstars and even heels last week which completely f*cks up an already stupid gimmick.

    These are just my thoughts, let me know yours below.

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