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    Quote Originally Posted by Adreme View Post
    I assume your logic for Mysterio at 30 was that he was still hurt and Rollins at 2 was so that the shield would be fighting Punk so I guess that made sense even if 15 was 100% luck.
    That was exactly my logic behind picking those. Given Punk's recent history with the Shield, I thought it fairly likely that one of them would be first in with him. I was able to rule out Reigns since I knew he was going to be in the match a long time and have a strong showing, but he would never have lasted from #2. So out of Ambrose and Rollins, Rollins was the most obvious IMO choice to start with Punk given that him and Punk have probably had the best matches one on one out of Punk vs the Shield, plus I put Rollins' ability to last longer above Ambrose.
    Mysterio at #30 was pretty much because of his recent injuries and WWE wanting to protect him in that respect.
    I just figured that for Reigns to have the strong showing he was due to have that #15 was a good place for him to come in.

    There was some logic in my thinking I guess, but I'd still put some of it down to luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post

    Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked Bryan after he went through the ropes to attack them.
    I missed that part while leaving the room to retrieve a nice cold beverage. Thanks!

    In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

    This forum has died.


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