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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Always comes back to this:

    Mike Chioda's sell job was perfect on that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas View Post
    So instead of the traditional Elimination Chamber match they have for the title every year you think that it will be Lesnar vs Orton/Cena?
    I don't think that, that IS what they're doing. Lesnar IS the #1 contender. The point has been made the past 2 weeks that he WILL be facing whoever walks out of the Rumble as Champion. So unless they're going to have Lesnar vs the Champion on Raw, then yes, it will be at the Elimination Chamber ppv.

    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    It'll be all these IWC geniuses, that watch the shows on PVR with their chubby thumbs stabbing at the mute and FF buttons on their remotes. To busy trying to get to the bits of the show they think are important.
    The 'REAL' fans right there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Too busy trying to figure out how to download the App and recording Touts.
    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    Touts. I remember them. Vintage WWE obsession.
    Embrace your inner Michael Cole.


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