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    Fallout from TLC

    I was in the building last night. Splurged on floor tickets for the first time ever and had absolutely wonderful seats for what I thought was a great show.

    Tonight's Raw could take the WWE in a wonderful direction for Rumble to 'Mania. A couple of points that I think could create a great few months of entertainment:

    Drop any remnants of a Cena/Orton feud. Set up Cena to go after Undertaker's streak at 'Mania and be done with Cena in the title picture for a while. He still will have all his fourth graders cheering him, but we won't have to see him with the belt on.

    Do not drop what happened between Orton and Punk on Raw last Monday. Set up the main event at Rumble to be Punk vs. Orton.

    Daniel Bryan will most likely win the Rumble, and that is a good thing. If Cena wins it somehow I will stop watching . . . but not really probably. Set up Bryan for a title shot for whoever wins Cena/Punk. I would prefer Punk, but would be okay with either. Think of what the internet would do if we got a Bryan/Punk 'Mania title bout.

    The Wyatts are at a crossroads. I think they are the most interesting heels out there. I like the goon mentality of Rowen and Harper, but Bray needs to get in the ring and start a series of matches of him running over a collection of ever-building building jobbers until he finds himself fighting for the IC or US titles. The Daniel Bryan kidnapping was the most infuriating story line I have seen in a while. Absolutley no payoff. It seems like the creative team made the kidnapping happen then someone had a second thought about how valuable Bryan is and decided he is too big for a stable. If that were the case, he could have feigned joining for a few weeks then gotten back at them at TLC or something. At least the Wyatts won clean last night with Bray finishing it off. Bray is still undefeated and it should stay that way for a while, but he needs to come off as more dominating.

    I hate Cody Rhodes and Goldust together. The tag teams division is just crap. The only real team last night was eliminated second for a bunch of washed up main eventers from ten years ago. There is no way the gimmick tag team of Rhodes bros can last for more than a few months with Goldust's age. I want a tag team division where the the younger tag teams get a bigger push. The Hardyz, Dudleys, Edge and Christian, etc were not awesome only because they were charismatic, but because they had a gimmick of sorts, stayed together for a long time, and were given the spot light to do huge things to impress the masses. I am not saying that someone needs to jump off the big ladder to the outside of the ring through four tables and risk their life, but if we got a set of matches that led up to something like a TLC, hell in a cell or three way elimination chamber match, and the guys stepped up and performed, we could have a whole new wave of awesome young wrestlers. WWE needs to push the tag team division with exciting matches. To hear that Cesaro is about to turn face upsets me because they are one of the best teams WWE has right now. Even though I thought the tag match last night was pretty decent, throwing a bunch of dinosaurs or two week old tag teams together for a title match does nothing to promote the division while you have the Usos with their thumbs up their butts.

    I haven't been more excited for a Raw in a while. There are so many possibilities coming out of it. My number one wish would be for Cena to go after Taker at Mania. It would hype the hell out of the PPV for casual fans, and give us a break from Cena being in every title match ever.

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    I think too many people are saying that Bryan will win the Rumble that WWE will swerve it.


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