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    It's probably just me, but I'm seriously sick of every 5 minutes the camera panning to Dixie. I really could care less what her facial expression is during every freakin segment. Every week it's more about her and less about the talent. Sorry, I'm venting.
    Even Vickie has more on screen ability than Dixie Carter. She needs stay in the back and keep Hogan out of her head. She was able to somewhat keep Jerrett in check. Even if he did run off with Angles family. She kept him from killing the company. Dixie has a great wrestling mind, but her two major mistakes were thinking she could run the company like Vince with her face in the mix. Her second mistake was letting Cornette walk.

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    I guess she's taken a note out of Vince's book like I said earlier, though, I can't see her saging her own death or claiming an illegitimate son
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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    At least Vince has mostly taken himself out of the mix. He wasn't even involved the "Chosen One" Drew McIntyre.

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