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    I posted this in a different thread, but I was thinking that Ted Jr. spirals into a depression after being dumped by Maryse and then getting "cut off" by his father. A deranged Ted begins interfering in matches to take out his rage. In his mind, he has been forced into "living a life of poverty among the bottom feeders" although in actuality he is still rich but merely has to downgrade his lifestyle. Then in a backstage segment, the "poverty stricken" Ted comes across the "disfigured" Cody Rhodes. The two of them discuss the misfortunes that they've had since the split of Legacy, and decide to reunite, forming the New Legacy/Dark Legacy, a super tag team in the mold of JeriShow, The Brothers of Destruction, and Morrison/Miz. Ted becomes the US Champ while Cody becomes the IC Champ, and the New Legacy is united in their quest to take from the world as the world has taken from them.
    This is one of the best, most well thought out ideas I have read on this site.
    I believe it would work and write itself for years to come. Legacy needs to be back, but they need to incorporate their fathers. Bringing in others who aren't doing well either. Smith, Nattie, and the soon coming Steamboat, Briscoes etc. They need to keep Nexus and Corre (minus horrible shirt) together and make Lagcy take them down.

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    He just needs his chance.Hopefully when he gets it he'll grab it with both hands.


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