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    Ricardo is awesome...I took notice of him before ADR. lol I heard on a radio show that WWE fudged ADR's age (he's listed as 33 which I don't buy at all) he's actually in his early 40's. The hosts were making fun of WWE for promoting him as a young star when he's not.

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    I've never seen Ricardo wrestle, but I did see him hit a dropkick last night on RAW and I thought to myself, why does this guy not compete?

    I also laugh when they promote guys as "young" stars. Especially when they're (close to) the same age as established stars, or in certain cases like The Miz, Ziggler, or Morrison, they've been in the WWE for 5+ years

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    I have a feeling Ricardo will eventually turn on Del Rio and wear a mask. Either as Chimera or a new masked wrestler. BTW how about that drop kick on Raw? I think that's the first time he has gotten physical with anyone.

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    I think Ricardo should start introducing for another Mexican wrestler like sin cara but it would be very wierd if sin cara was facing alberto del rio in these cercumstances

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    My friends dispise him when he starts talking. Which is good cause heels are supposed to lol

    I love saying DEEEEEEEEEL RIIIIIOOOOOO with him though


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