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    Quote Originally Posted by Stinger187 View Post
    I didn't see anywhere he came off like he didn't like WWW what you smoking!
    Yea I agree at no point did he even begin to mention anything negative towards www aka woo woo woo. He actually stated that he thinks he could be the future and that maybe one day after the current main eventers are gone he might main event his own wrestlemania so again wtf?

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    Quote Originally Posted by merhardt03 View Post
    what is www?
    woo woo woo. as in wwwyki woo woo woo you know it!

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    Lol at the Hogan Sucks chants
    Prediction 29/3/11

    Summerslam and or Survivor Series

    Team Bring It vs Team Cena
    HBK vs HHH (Trips must retire if he loses)
    JoMo vs Miz
    Edge vs Christian
    Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

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