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    is it just me...but where was The Dudebusters and Hawkins and Archer...i would even have liked to see Gabriel and Slater in the gauntlet rather than the ones who were in it. What about RegalDust? happy for the Dashing Chosen Ones but seriously. They are so random...they just started tagging together for like only two weeks. but watever. Satisfied with Randy being Champion although i still think Barrett should have won. but i wont complain. Never had doubt that Kane wouldnt have won. glad he got a clean win over taker as many have been saying. I was torn between Michelle and Melina both being my favorite divas(Melina being #1 and Michelle #2). Melina does need to go down in history since Michelle has already but im not mad. I Love LayCool too so...Miz and DB was a classic story book finish. I loved how much time the built it up with Bryan winning in the end. I am upset with the whole big show and cm punk fiasco...CM Punk should have won here. idk what they have planned for Punk but i mean he's one of the brightest stars on SD well in the whole WWE. He delivered a hell of a promo and lost???? WOW! IMO Punk should be WHC. The Kane/Taker feud should just be a sibling rivalry and could sell on its own w/o the championship but whatever. As for Big Show, I can not stand this gimmick he has. all smiles and jokes. SMH! Kofi and Ziggler, well they always put on a good match no matter how many times they fought each other they always gave 100% and i appreciate that but PLEASE let this be the FINAL time the fight. Let this be Kofi turning point to become a heel. This has dragged on for far toooooo long.

    Needless to say this PPV was a good one but it was. It was Good...Just mad Morrison wasnt on the card but its okay. lol

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    The Miz is a bigger star than any of you smarks will ever, and i mean EVER BE. U MAD? p.s randy orton is a tool, punch, punch, kick,kick, rko, that about sums it up U MAD?

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    One more thing so called smarks, the big show won because his movie is about to come out......U MAD i'm smarter than you. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPEEINTHESHOWER View Post
    The Miz is a bigger star than any of you smarks will ever, and i mean EVER BE. U MAD? p.s randy orton is a tool, punch, punch, kick,kick, rko, that about sums it up U MAD?
    Oh yes....near crying for dropping the title. That is GREAT star power.

    Out of 5 stars, this PPV I give it a 3.

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    I was really impressed with the Kane/Undertaker match. I thought it was one of the best matches of Kane's career. As far as the tag team turmoil, I am a little dissappointed that Rhodes and Mcintyre didn't beat the Harts. Instead, they beat Bourne and Henry and we all knew who was gonna win anyway. 6-pack challenge was good. I hated to see Jericho go though. Overall a pretty decent ppv IMO.
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    An entertaining PPV, although they could have handled the tag match a bit better. as soon as Drew's music hitt, you knew who the next champions were (anyone who saw SD! can comfirm that) but I was shocked with the Kane win. Undertaker's decimation on SD! was, to me, Kane's final push before he hits midcard again. But, no, Kane just carried on from where he left off. If 'Taker hit that tombstone, I would have been reeady to turn off my TV, considering how little he did all match. But he got decimated. Again.

    ALSO: great to see Taker getting a few boos, he's needed this for years, since the Mohammad Hassan days..
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    Did not watch the PPV, read the results, so this is my thoughts based on what I read only

    -- Kofi and Ziggler, glad ziggler won, but its time for both of them to move on. Least Ziggler is getting some respect after the Spirit Squad gimmick from years ago.

    -- CM Punk and Big Show, Punk should have won, plan and simple.

    -- Daniel Bryan and The Miz , WWE did the right thing putting the belt of Danielson, both guys are great talents- Danielson- its no supprise that he is good...Miz...just keeps getting better.

    -- The womens/divas unification match-up, well hopefully this will break up Layco ol, I never liked that gimmick(ok, it was alright on NXT) But I still have no idea why they do not put Gail Kim in the title picture, she is sadly just being used to put others over.

    -- Kane vs Taker , Kane had to win this one, I like that they are making Undertaker look weak,and I like Undertaker better than Kane, but its getting Kane over more as a heel- normally I do not like some of the feuds to last a reallllly long time, but I hope this one last until WM- with Undertaker slowly getter stronger until then, winning that match

    -- The 5 tag team turmoil match-, Usos and Hart Dynasty were the only real teams in it, one of them should have won. [I] would have preffered the Hart Dynasty, but I would have been ok with the USos only just to get them over more

    -- The main event- Jericho gone in the very begginging? WTH? Hopefully he is not really gone. WWE are fools if they did not resign him and give him Shawn Michaels/Undertaker like perks. He is/was probally the best wrestlers in ring, on the mic in a very long time. His promos never did sound stupid. But anyways, at least it was not Cena, and at least someone pinned him, glad it was Barrett. Normally I would have hated seeing yet another person cash in their MIB right after a match like this, but after reading the results, I wish Miz would have and won the title. A win over someone like Orten would doe Miz wonders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tha Crows Nest View Post
    All in all I thought t was a good PPV

    Really expected HHH to cost Sheamus his spot to build a match between the two at HIAC but maybe he doesnt feel like coming back yet.

    I expected the Miz to wait until after the HIAC match to cash in so wasnt to dissapointed that it didnt happen here and everthing esle was ok also.
    i guess you didnt know but HHH was in physical therapy for a torn muscle about a month ago so he wont be back to wrestling for another 2-3 months probably

    but im glad Daniel Bryan won also and im sick of Punk getting mistreated he is losing his main event status and he is one of the best main eventers the WWE has

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Bryan View Post
    i guess you didnt know but HHH was in physical therapy for a torn muscle about a month ago so he wont be back to wrestling for another 2-3 months probably
    Thanks I wasn't aware of that. That explains alot to me lol.

    All in all I think the Miz should defenitly cash in at HIAC.

    I agree that the Tag Turmoil should have been HD, Usos, Dudebusters, GateCrashers, and the Dashingly Sinister. The only good thing about Rhodes and Mcintyre winning is (unlike the vast Majority) I am extremely happy to see McIntyre on Raw each week now. Also do you really think Vince will let "The Chosen One" not be used on RAW so maybe we will get a good tag team fued.

    Honestly I never expected Dolph to be the Star of the Spirit Squad but week after week he wins me over more and more. "Hi I'm Dolph Ziggler" trust me Mr. Ziggler everyone knows who you are now!!!

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    Overall: 7/10

    Dolph vs Kofi: better than their match @ Summerslam, I'm glad Dolph retained. I hope the feud is over now, they've competed too much against each other. **3/4

    DAMN! WHY NOT LET CM PUNK WIN! JEEZ I was pissed. Match was slow-paced as if they didn't care at all, not too many spots, too short which makes a *3/4 including Punk's promo which was awesome! Big Shows bandana looked ridiculous by the way.

    US Title Match: Finally a good US Title Match. Miz convinced me he can wrestle. Bryan winning is a good thing, now WWE can focus on the MITB Briefcase only and Bryan can have some awesome matches for the title, which has a lot more prestige now. Great match ***3/4

    Divas: For a divas match, it was okay. Michelle wins, ah what the heck, did not really care. Lumberjills were just too stupid. *3/4

    Kane vs Taker: was quite good. Kane retains, which I'm very happy with. I expected a little better from these two, but I'm sure they'll have a better Hell in a Cell Match in two weeks. At least the match covered enough time. ***

    Tag Team Turmoil: Still don't get why they don't announce these matches. I liked the idea, it was only way too short. For what it was, **1/2, I had quite some fun. Still wonder why they did not use these teams: Hart Dynasty, Uso's, Dudebusters, Hawkins&Archer and either McIntyre&Rhodes or Santino&Kozlov.

    WWE Championship Match:
    Jericho eliminated way too soon, horrible dropkick by Cena, but it's new so I should be positive, nice teamwork from Edge & Sheamus, nice exchange of Finishers, Cena eliminated *yay*, Cena & Orton on rampage, Orton eliminates 3 people in total which is way too much. Orton wins NOT OK. Waaaaaaaaaay too much momentum, like he wasn't over enough. Why not Sheamus? Why not Barret? Anyway, it was fun. ***1/4


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