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    all good points. but I don't believe you are correct still based on the fact your forgetting batman is smarter than wolverine. if anyone could turn wolverine's strengths against him it's batman... bane isn't even batmans greatest foe... I was just pointing out that bane is stonger than wolverine and batman still finds a way to beat him. and as far as not being able to kill wolverine he could bind him.. he can't cut himself out of a bind if he can't move. no regeneration wouldn't help him from getting out of a bind.. batman is rich he could come up with a contraption to do everything I'm talking about.. same reason I would take batman to beat superman. if you have money you can do what you want.
    Batman IS smarter than Wolverine. Batman would have the ability to outsmart him in a situation that is not "in the moment", but if you put them in a fight, Wolverine wins. Batman is a great detective. He is awesome at trapping his enemies. But he doesn't win in a fight without his gadgets.

    FYI, Bane (with Venom) is stronger than Wolverine. Wolverine cuts the venom supply, Bane is weak. Wolverine is a "stronger" foe that Bane because he doesn't have the weaknesses Bane has. But let's look into your "bind" theory. Once Batman has trapped his enemy, what is his next step? Delivery to Arkum. Arkum releases MULTIPLE villians on what seems like a weekly basis. Batman can trap Wolverine, yes... But his moral obligations prevent him from killing Wolverine. Wolverine has proven tenacious when stalking victims. He would not rest until he killed Bruce Wayne. And Bruce Wayne would not kill Logan. Logan wins due to the "will" and abilities to put his moral dilemmas aside when tracking "foes" such as this case.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone

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