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    Who will be Undertaker's next WM opponent?

    Personally i think that his streak will go on to 20-0 and then he'll retire. But the big question is. Who will be the last victim. I think it should go like this. HHH doesnt put his career on the line this year. He loses. Then next year he'll go crazy saying he knows he can beat him and he wants another match. Different angles but all in all similar to the hbk thing..maybe even getting advice from hbk and them relating on how it feels to know they can beat him. Then in 2012 he'll have his career on the line and lose. undertaker will be 20-0..he can retire and we have a great last match for the undertaker. Because honestly..i dont see anyone giving that great of a match with the undertaker for his 20-0 record except hhh..maybe 1 guy. but thats a long shot since he never gets a push

    Now..If HHH DOES put his career on the line this year and loses..who will face undertaker next year. The one guy that i mentioned earlier that never gets a push ^^^ john morrison. I really do believe that This could make morrison a permanent main event guy
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    i dont think HHH will break the streak, but i have a horrible feeling Cena will end the streak next year, i haven't heard any rumors backing my theory up its just a hunch.
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    They prob will go 20 - 0. The whole career thing for trips shouldnt be put on the line. Here is why - The guy is obv going to be in some sort of control of the company when Vince steps down. He will def have matches then as a heel boss or what not so they shouldnt do that type of match yet unless trips is actually gonna stay retired.

    Secondly I dont think they will do Triple H vs Taker again after this mania they have done it once at 17 now at 27 we dont need a 28 (IMO) I would rather see him put down SuperCena before he goes as he is " The golden Child". Just my thoughts on this...

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    If he is to go to 20-0, I don't want it to be Triple H/Taker 3. It has to be someone who he rarely feuded with, yet has a slight history with. Someone who could be believable to see beat the Undertaker, but not want to win so we can continue to cheer for him. And since Kurt Angle is currently in TNA and Jericho in a hiatus from the WWE, there is only one person I think could do it...

    John Cena. Cena's first match in the WWE was being congratulated by the Undertaker. They only fought a few times and the majority of them were in tag matches. It would be fitting to see Cena congratulate Taker in his last match as a book closer.

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    I think people might be missing the possibility of this Mania being his last one and retiring at 19-0 after the match with HHH. If you pay attention to his promo's about HHH it seems he feels that there is no one left to take on other than HHH so why couldn't he retire after going 19-0? I mean, no one in the next 20-60 years will even come close to that streak anyways and let's face it, after watching mania last year and watching the dead man this past year you can tell he has lost a few steps in his game and I don't forsee the dead man ruining his legacy by wrestling past his prime too long like Hogan and Flair have been doing and looking foolish doing it.

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    We're doing this under the possibility that he would end his streak on 20-0. It is possible that this could be his last match, but we do not know yet.

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    taker will win this year proberley due to interfernce from sheamus. but as number 20? would not suprise me if they go taker and kane again for one last time seeing as some of his most classic maina matches are against kane.

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    i think 18-1

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    Could go either way in my humble opinion.
    I think he will go 20 and 0. But when deciding who for number 20 its a toss up. If they stick with career v. Streak: Edge or Rey would make most sense. Otherwise its an endless list of possibilities. Any number of young talent could be it. Can you imagine the rub that person would get by being chosen as his last?

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    If taker wants to be the man he should let a young guy end the streak and permanently put him over. I'd say sheamus, morrison, barrett or brodus clay if they wait the year.
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