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    Talking about mexican wrestlers...

    I just wanted to make this post about some mexican wrestler you probably didnt now about and could or could have made a very nice job in the wwe:

    Sombra.- He is a current CMLL star and the guy is awesome, he is incedibly fast, is very good in the ring and he does some very insane high flying moves ( once i saw him live making a moonsault from the top corner to the floor and he almost hits the chairs were people were sitting, he really had very little space to do it!)

    Dr Wagner Jr.- He is a wrestler with a lot of heritage, he is very good in ring perfomer, has wrestled all around the world and is pretty tall, with his actual gimmick he could work perfectly on wwe.

    La Park.- He is the actual original Parka, and he is one hell of a good extrem wrestler, he has wrestled all around the worln, and he had some epic extreme rules match with guys like Sabu, Terry funk, abdullah the butcher, etc and his acutal gimmick is very good, i personally would find intresting a casket match between him and undertaker.

    Canek.- Probably the best mexican wrestler ever, he was like hulk hogan but with a mask, and with PLENTY of more moves , he was an incredible technical wrestler, the guy was enormous, he actually were 2 meters long , and as a note, he is one of the only 5 people in the world that could bodyslam Andre the giant

    so what do you think guys???
    any other ideas , thoughts?


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