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    A Raven DVD would be pretty awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by clrj3514 View Post
    Who would you like to see WWE do a DVD set on? What style would you like it to be; more documentary or matches? Also, what are some of the matches & segments you'd ike to see on it?

    Personally, I like how "The Legacy of Stone Cold" & "Shawn Michaels: My Journey" are set up. You get plenty of action with backstory in between.

    For me, I'd like to see a Goldberg collection. I know a lot of people don't care for him but I used to MARK OUT for him. I'd like to see his WCW & WWE debuts. His first WCW championship win & the loss to snap the win streak. Plus, his WWE farewell at Wrestlemania XX.

    How bout yall?
    The Stone Cold Legacy DVD could have been better with matches from mid 2001-2003. I was appalled it didn't show any matches from the Invasion angle/storyline. As for the Goldberg dvd, why wouldn't anybody wanna re-watch his final match at WMXX against Brock Lesnar??? That was the worst match on the card.


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