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    Ric Flair, are they using him right?

    I am one of Ric Flairs biggest fans. Some wrestlers people love and some they hate. Ric Flair is still going strong at... what 60 and I think how he is being used is just right. He's wrestling still, but not too much. His win, lose in matches is about right and as a heel and stable leader there is none better.

    TNA are so lucky to have Flair and I just hope this relationship continues to blossom, he is so funny in his promos.

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    i dont think he should be wrestling anymore after the send off he got from wwe he shuld have stayed retired hes great on mic him being leader of fortune will be great as they go along

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    They are nearly using him in the right way. His promo's over the last couple of months have been amazing. Im still amazed that he can still go in the ring like he can.

    RIC FLAIR IS GOD...GOD..!!!!!! lol
    "Well Ya Know Sumthin Mean Gene....???"

    "Would You Please SHUT...THE HELL...UP!"

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    Im fine with them having Ric Flair, but every time he steps into a ring it needs to mean something. Frankly with the way TNA has booked Flair, this viewer just doesn't care and that's sad. Flair just comes off as just another TNA guy

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    I think they are using Flair right as a Mentor and Leader I don't care & won't pay to see him or Hogan wrestle any more

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    I don't mind seeing him have A match here and there. Every few months. As long as it's contributing to him putting someone over, which he has.

    I think his move to TNA, and his mic work.... been amazing. I like watching him in TNA. I think he puts more into the show than Hogan.

    But that's how it's always been, hasn't it
    We prey on the weak and conquer.

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    Ric Flair has been Amazing in TNA. I think he's wrestling to much though. i think every 3/4 months would be better for him. and i do think it was very good that he put Jay Lethal Over. His Mic Work has Been Awesome!

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    I agree, having Flair wrestle every 2 or 3 months would be good. If he does wrestle then they should make it into something much bigger, because as Bodom mentioned he isn't just a TNA guys. Not that the TNA guys are bad or anything, but he is a legand, and what he's body can take at 60 is amazing.

    I love it when he heads to the top turnbuckle hahaha One day flair will make it, and amaze us all by performing some mental 720 on someone, I know that's what he has in mind

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    I think flair made it off the top turn buckle at Cyber sunday 2005 going against Randy orton. anyways...I like how flair is being used in TNA. It's a great thing to see...he's very interesting...and Im very excited about his faction...fortune!

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    I can't say I'm a Flair fan, but yes, I think they are using him the right way. The best way to use him is what he's done before... give him some young(er) guys who can wrestle, then give Flair the mic. If there is one thing I can give Flair credit for is being great on the mic. For instance, AJ.... IMO, can't talk to save his bloody life... so, give him to Flair! And they did... and I think it works for them.


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