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  • What if Owen Hart didn't die?

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  • What if the screw job never happened?

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  • What if Shawn Michaels never injured his back?

    1 12.50%
  • What if Brock Lesner was still in the WWE?

    1 12.50%
  • What if Wrestlemania didn't work?

    2 25.00%
  • What if The Rock stayed with WWE?

    4 50.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusMiller84 View Post
    Steve Austin never got fired from WCW.

    If Hogan, Hall, and Nash never left for WCW.

    Owen actually paralyzed Stone Cold at Summerslam 97.

    Bret never left WWF.

    Owen never died.

    Rock never did movies.

    Brock stuck around.

    WCW and ECW were still a company.

    Eddie didn't die, and Benoit didn't die...

    any of these single events, would've changed everything, just like they did change everything because they did happen.
    It's just fan fiction, no reason to act like a douche

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    No reason to call me a Name..... when I did Nothing to act like Anything.

    I have more than enough fiction of my own to talk about in the world of wrestling. I didn't give credit to, or discredit anything that was discussed.
    We prey on the weak and conquer.


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