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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJosephBanks View Post
    That usually depends on where you are creative at.

    When I worked in EWNCW(Still do until DC), we all chipped in with ideas and whatnot.

    I can only speak for EWNCW, if you decide to try there, it's usually about equal in terms of booking and whatnot. Tommy has more say, but usually is fine with most things. Everyone chips in, talk about each segment/feud and go from there.

    You'll have to be able to work with people, and be able to reconcile any differences and work towards a compromise. You can probably handle that. Be able to field the questions and suggestions from roster members, deal with late promos, and whatnot. Things of that nature.
    Oh, there, that's what I was trying to say lol!
    Like TJB said, different creative teams operate different ways at the end of the day!
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