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    *OFFICIAL JBW iPPV Thread*


    JBW iPPV SCHEDULE FOR 2013-2014:

    September: BLACK SUMMER




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    "Tonight, they fight for glory, for immortality, for greatness. Tonight, they fight for all they're worth, to prove how great they are. Tonight, bodies will give, blood will be shed, tears will fall... tonight they fight, for victory, for honor, and for integrity. Tonight they fight, FOR THE CAUSE!"

    (The cameras come into the arena as we see everyone on their feet holding up their signs and cheering as the fireworks go off in the arena. We come in on Pat and Dudley who are standing and clapping as well. They sit down and put on their headsets as the audience chants “JBW! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* FOR THE CAUSE! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* JBW! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* FOR THE CAUSE! *clap, clap, clapclapclap* Pat smiles at the home audience as he begins to talk into his headset.)

    Pat: Hello and welcome to JBW: FOR THE CAUSE!!! We are coming to you LIVE from Madison Square Garden in NEW YORK CITY!!! We have an amazing show ready to roll out tonight and Duds, I think these people are waiting to be impressed!

    Dudley: That’s accurate as hell Pat! Have you heard this crowd yet? If this is any indication, we are in for one helluva night all around!

    Pat: We’re being told that we’re going to get right into it tonight, folks! Our first match of the evening has been building for the better part of a year and a half and it’s sprawled out from JBW, HWA, BITW and back to JBW again… and they’ve never had a match!

    Dudley: Tonight, not only are RedRuM and The Alpha Dog in a first time match, its also going to be a knock-down, drag-out, kick-ass match! It’s going to be a No Holds Barred Street Fight!! I expect this to be an ultimate fight from the door!

    Pat: And that match be…

    (RedRuM’s music begins playing and cuts Pat off. He throws his headset down and can be heard mumbling “Whoever is playing this joke needs to stop, it’s beginning to irk me.”)

    (RedRuM comes onto the stage and starts throwing up gang signs. He makes his way straight to the ring without hesitation. He rolls from under the bottom rope and motions for Alpha to come on. Alpha's music immediately starts playing, instead of RedRuM waiting for him, he runs up the ramp and meets him. Alpha was lying in wait and clubs him with the eWN Championship. He drops it and grabs RedRuM by the face. They fight all the way to the ring, as they get in, the bell is rung and this one is officially on its way!)

    Alpha Dog = Edge/RedRuM = HBK - start at beginning, stop at 8:45

    (BAM! Alpha Dog hits canvas! )

    Dudley: Ha, crash and burn baby! That's why it's called "high risk!" And jumping from that high equals a whole hell of a lot of high risk!

    Pat: Sure enough, that was a huge maneuver by the Alpha Dog - but RedRuM had it scouted, rolled out of the way! Now he's... wait, he's getting out of the ring! What's he... oh no...

    (RedRuM leaves the ring and starts searching under the ring... until he finds just what he's looking for.)

    Pat: A crowbar?! You can't be serious!!

    Dudley: Well RedRuM sure as hell looks serious to me! Did you miss the part where it said "No Holds Barred Street Fight"? As in "do whatever the fuck you please and win this motherfucker"?

    (RedRuM wastes no time in getting back into the ring and taking the crowbar to Alpha's arm... then his other arm... then he stops and decides "to hell with it" and puts in more work on Alpha all over! Alpha roars in agony with each blow! He starts to try and get up - only to have RedRuM sit on his back and hold the crowbar against his throat in an improvised camel clutch maneuver! "Ask him, motherfucker!" he yells at the ref... even as the ref asks him, Alpha Dog refuses to give up - even as his face turns purple! Alpha strikes back, jamming the back of his head into RedRuM’s face - bloodying his nose! Several reverse headbutts later, RedRuM rolls off clutching his face as Alpha Dog gasps for air as he nurses his injured arms...)

    Dudley: Well if this isn't PPV material then I don't know what planet you're from, people, but this is turning into a bona fide blood war here!

    Pat: So true there, Duds... both of these men have been to hell and back, but it's the Alpha Dog who's come out worse for wear here... and after that crowbar assault, RedRuM’s taken down Alpha's offensive power - he relies on those hands and arms of his for his myriad takedowns and submissions! But now that his arms are mangled, what chance does he have?

    (Alpha gets up and barely dodges another crowbar swing from RedRuM - retaliates with a crushing side kick to the ribs! RedRuM drops his crowbar and crumples to the mat! Alpha notices the crowbar and picks it up - but by the time he turns to RedRuM, he's already rolled out of the ring! RedRuM goes to snatch up a kendo stick from under the ring and re-enter... and the two men face off, weapons ready... Alpha swings the crowbar and misses! RedRuM counters with his kendo stick, catching Alpha in the side of his head! But Alpha won't go down! He rushes RedRuM with the crowbar, taking him to the mat in a full mount position... WITH THE CROWBAR!)

    Pat: Holy - what a massacre! It's bad enough that Alpha Dog is an MMA terror who is well versed in ground-and-pound... but now he's doing it with a weapon?!

    (The beating is intense and bloody as Alpha wreaks havoc upon RedRuM, swinging mercilessly with the crowbar! RedRuM’s face is a red mess as he somehow manages to escape the Alpha Dog and scrambles away... Alpha is in hot pursuit after him, but is stopped as RedRuM reclaims his kendo stick - and swings it up into Alpha Dog's groin!)

    Dudley: Oooooh! Gotta protect the McNuggets!

    Pat: WHOA! What... a... shot! Alpha's down! Can't blame him - with that sort of damage, who would want to keep fighting? But RedRuM’s got the advantage - a cover -



    Thr- NO!!!

    (Alpha Dog stays alive with a kickout! RedRuM is beside himself with rage as the ref tells him it was only good for two! In return, RedRuM grabs the ref by his shirt and tells him his fucking carcass is good for nothing and he had BETTER LEARN TO COUNT BETTER OR ELSE -)


    (Alpha Dog had grabbed the crowbar and did unto RedRuM what RedRuM had done unto him while distracted with the ref! RedRuM’s face becomes a caricature of pain and agony... but before he can fall down, Alpha is on his feet - turns RedRuM around - ALPHA SHOCK!!! RedRuM is planted face first with the Alpha Dog's trademark finishing move! Alpha Dog turns him over and goes for the pin –)




    Pat: Words cannot express how happy I am that that match is over, Duds! Alpha and RedRuM just mangled themselves in every way possible and I know neither of them will be the same after this…

    Dudley: I definitely agree with you Pat. That was an incredible showing from both men and a damn fine choice to begin this night. I can’t wait for the next match!
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    Pat: Well Duds, you don’t have to wait long. While the ring crew gets everything cleaned up from the street fight and set up for the Ladder Match, we have a couple backstage tapes from earlier today that we’re going to show you.

    (Artemis is seen by himself. Just sitting on a step with his hood up, head down and banging his kendo stick on the step below him. The camera focuses in and he lifts his head just a bit.)

    Artemis: I have never… never won a championship here in JBW. I’ve come close… a couple times but, it just never seemed like it was meant to be. But tonight, that changes. That little nub on my record is wiped clean. I will finally get my hands on Championship gold and I will be the first one too. No one has ever held a United States Championship here.

    No one. And I intend to bash that little fuckers head in as much as possible to prove my point. And if his Queen Hippo shows her face, I’ll break my kendo stick over it. I’m pretty sure it’d be an improvement too. Sagittarius Blue, we’ve been feuding on and off again for at least half a year now. Tonight it ends. Tonight we find out that I’m the better man and you’re nothing but a one hit wonder. I’m Boston Strong and I’m fucking determined. Bank on it…

    (Artemis gets up and walks away as we fade away we see Sagittarius and Pisces Pink in the hallways, Sagittarius Blue is getting warmed up, shadowboxing vigorously with a look of serious intent in his face as Pisces Pink looks on, holding the IWA Vanity Championship.)

    Sagittarius Blue: I can feel it, Pisces... tonight... is going to be a night to remember. Here we are... JBW... For The Cause. For the cause, Pisces. That means a lot to me. A cause... something worth fighting for. Something that motivates you. Something that defines your thoughts and actions. We all have at least one, baby girl. Tonight, I have three.

    Pisces Pink: What are they, boo?

    Sagittarius Blue: One, first and foremost – giving every man, woman and child a show the likes of which they've never seen. Showing them exactly what you can accomplish when you are hungry enough to succeed.

    Two – dealing with Artemis Eclipse. Since BITW, we've had fucking problems. I still remember when he crashed my performance at Unscripted. Ever since then, we've had a war of attrition... and it's time to end it. Eclipse is a hell of a guy. A fucking terror in and outside the ring... a man who knows pain intimately... and with what happened in Boston, I canunderstand his drive. I understand his cause. But he chose the wrong person to use to make a statement on. I LAY DOWN FOR NO MAN. I don't roll over. I don't go with the flow. I go in with my guns blazing until either I'm put to rest or my enemies are no more. Tonight... one way or another... this war will end.

    And three, the JBW United States Championship. A title of prestige, like none before it. I've had title shots before, but I've always fallen short. Always missed by a hair. But seeing you, Pisces... seeing you reach out and grab that dream... I know now, more than ever before, that I can do the same. And I WILL. Tonight, the Star Signs will shine like nothing the world has ever seen, sugar.

    (The two Star Signs embrace briefly before Sagittarius heads off.)

    Pat: These two are definitely ready to bring it tonight Duds! I think this is going to be a great follow up to the already legendary match between RedRuM and Alpha Dog.

    Dudley: I do too Pat but we’re ready for these two to come out…


    (Artemis comes out on stage with his head down and the hood to his hoody up and
    holds up his kendo stick to a mixed reaction from the fans. He then lifts up his head
    and heads to the ring...)

    Pat: Artemis Eclipse looks focused here tonight, he knows he can't afford to overlook Sagittarius Blue.

    Dudley: Overlook, really?

    Pat: What? What did I say?

    (Artemis slides into the ring, stands up, and then lifts his hands up to a mixed
    reaction from the crowd. He then goes over to one of the ring posts furthest from the
    stage, quickly jumps to the top, and sits on the top turnbuckle. He looks up where the
    title already is hanging, then to the stage.)

    (SAGITTARIUS BLUE runs out from the entrance and rushes down the ramp. He is
    wearing a custom jacket on with the hood up. When he gets to the bottom of the ramp he
    comes to a complete stop and stands still, looking around with his face slightly hidden
    by the hood. He then drops the hood down and yells “NOW OR NEVER” while raising his
    hands high, holding the "Devil's horns" that all rock fans know and love before jumping
    into the ring, where he immediately turns serious, keeping a steady eye on his
    opponent, glancing only briefly at the prize suspended above the ring as the bell

    Dudley: This will be a short fight.

    Pat: What do you mean? Both of these guys are impressive athletes, this one will go the difference.

    Dudley: Nevermind.

    (Christian - Eclipse, Shelton - Blue)

    Dudley: And the midget is still in this.

    Pat: You know, he's really not that short.

    Dudley: This match will be once Eclipse knocks his lucky charm eating ass off of that turnbuckle.

    (Artemis tries desperately to push Sagittarius off the turnbuckle with the ladder, but Blue is hanging on tough, Artemis finally drops the ladder, backing up a few steps he takes a running start, climbing the ladder! Blue however, seeing the tactic coming leaps up, hooking both legs around Eclipse's head he whips the larger man down, back first onto the ladder, the impact causing it to bounce off the turnbuckle.)

    (Blue gets up, looking back at his fallen opponent he grins savagely, before heading once more to the top of the turnbuckle, as the fans rise to their feet! Turning his back to his opponent, he pumps himself up before leaping from the ropes in a near picture-perfect moonsault, spoiled only by Eclipse rolling out of the way at the last second, leaving the ladder for Blue to land on, the pain immediately apparent in his face as his torso comes down across the steel.)

    Pat: He is gonna feel that tomorrow.

    Dudley: What the hell is wrong with this kid?

    Pat: He just wants to win, whatever it takes.

    Dudley: He wants to be crippled, whatever it takes.

    (Eclipse gets to his feet slowly, gingerly reaching for his own back as he looks around for a useable ladder, hoping to take advantage of Blue's injured state. He spots a ladder outside the ring, and is quick to roll out and grab it, folding it up as he turns back to the ring, where Blue has finally managed to roll himself off of the broken ladder,
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    still clutching at his ribs in agony. Eclipse, seemingly nodding to himself, slides the ladder in the ring, before jumping onto the ring apron himself. Turning to the crowd, he throws his arms out, shouting "Boston Strong!")

    Pat: Eclipse is wasting time here, you can't afford to give an athlete like Blue the chance to catch his breath.

    Dudley: How much breath could he catch?

    (As Eclipse turns back to get in the ring, Blue snaps to his feet, charging straight at his opponent, turning only at the last second to hop on the ropes to the side, springboarding himself straight at Eclipse, his foot lashing out to catch him right on the temple. Eclipse drops like a bag of rocks, falling straight to the arena floor as Blue lands on his hands and feet, getting back up quickly and going for the ladder Eclipse brought in.)

    (Blue sets the ladder up as close as he can to the dangling belt with one hand. Stepping back to make sure it's lined up, he turns to check on his opponent. Seeing that Eclipse is still laid out on the floor, Blue smiles, before gingerly starting the climb, his left arm wrapped around his stomach as though trying to keep everything in. and his eyes firmly focused on the title, his face determined.)

    Dudley: Damnit, someone stop that little bastard!

    Pat: Lights out for Artemis Eclipse.

    Dudley: He'll be back in, no way is that little son of a bitch winning that easy!

    (Dudley's words prove to be true as Eclipse rolls into the ring seemingly out of nowhere, climbing as fast as he can to the top, where Blue is already reaching for the belt! Eclipse hits a strong uppercut, catching Blue completely off-guard, Blue stumbles, one of his feet slipping off the ladder as he reaches out with his right arm and grabs the top of the ladder, holding on for dear life. Eclipse pulls his own arm back, going for the coup de grace, but as he swings, Blue, in a desperation move, grabs his fist with his left hand, pulling hard with his right hand, he practically leaps over the ladder, grabbing Eclipse's head under his arm as he falls back, all the way down to the canvas!)

    Pat: And Blue with the Desperation move!

    Dudley: What the fucking fuck?

    (Eclipse's head is spiked into the mat with the daredevil DDT bouncing up and away, as Blue lays back, the move having cost him as well.)

    Pat: Both men are down, I think we need some help out here, Eclipse may have a broken neck and both men may have broken backs.

    Dudley: Oh shut up you pussy, they'll be fine.

    Pat: These are human beings man! we may need to stop this match.

    Dudley: Like hell they will.

    (EMTs rush out from the back, rolling into the ring quickly to check on both men, Blue waves the doctors off, rolling to his knees and slowly getting to his feet, using the ladder for balance as he stares at his opponent, a mixture of hatred and respect in his eyes. He turns to the ladder, once more beginning his slow, torturous ascent as the EMTs converge on Eclipse, who weakly waves them off, using the ropes to first sit up, then bring himself unsteadily to his feet, he grabs a medic roughly by the front of the shirt, using him as a shield as he weakly kicks the others away, who finally relent.)

    Pat: Artemis, refusing help.

    Dudley: See, I told you he was fine, stop worrying like an old woman and enjoy the match.

    (Eclipse looks up from his struggling hostage to see Blue's hands on the belt. With a cry of rage he throws the medic at the ladder, knocking it out from under his opponent's feet as the medic falls against it in a heap, his peers grabbing and rolling him out of the ring, finally given a patient who won't resist. Blue however, hangs on to the belt, swinging above the ring as with one hand he reaches for the clasp!)

    Pat: Blue refusing to let go, refusing to give up!

    Dudley: It doesn't matter, a stiff breeze and he'll hit the floor, Eclipse has this in the bag.

    (Eclipse, rage and incredulity fighting for dominance on his face, leaps up the
    turnbuckle behind him with renewed vigor, he jumps out, his feet flying towards Blue as
    he goes for the dropkick, hitting his opponent directly in the injured ribs.)

    (Blue, his breath leaving his body in one giant expulsion, somehow keeps his grip,
    and as he falls the belt comes down in his hands, leaving only as he bounces off the
    canvas, before coming to lay across his chest, where he almost instinctively reaches
    for it, holding it closer than a running back in the middle of the last play of the
    Super Bowl.)

    (Eclipse slowly gets to one knee, looking first to the sky to see the belt
    missing, he looks at his fallen opponent to see what his kick cost him. With a cry of
    rage he rushes at Blue, but Pieces Pink is there, running down the ramp to defend her
    man! Eclipse rolls out of the ring as Pink rolls in, gently helping Blue to his feet,
    as he staggers to the edge of the ring, The Princess Of Power gets him a microphone.)

    Sagittarius Blue: The stars have aligned, Artemis! THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED!!

    (The crowd hits a fever pitch as they cheer for Blue, going into a “Thank You Blue” chant.)

    Sagittarius Blue: No. No, ladies and gentlemen... THANK YOU! Thank all of you for coming out to see me. Thank you for tuning in on your televisions or computers to see me. Thank you, all of you... for supporting me. For believing in me.

    (He stops as the fanfare becomes unbelievably loud, deafening even. Even with his body wracked with pain, The Royal Rockstar smiles as the fans shower him with adoration and respect.)

    Sagittarius Blue: This... this is the first championship I have ever won in professional wrestling. This is the very first time I have held championship gold in professional wrestling. And it means so much to me. Time and again, I have always been the bridesmaid, so to speak... but never could seal the deal when it came to grabbing up a title. I never regretted challenging for the gold in this business. Not for a moment. But tonight... tonight was a promise made real.

    Tonight... I achieved a dream. No... correction. WE achieved a dream. This victory is yours also. To everyone who has ever dreamed of making it... everyone who has been fighting those odds... everyone who has always come so close... this... THIS IS FOR YOU. Never give up. Never say never. There is nothing you cannot accomplish if you believe in your heart of hearts that you can do it.

    (The ovation that follows beggars belief. If you were there, you would have felt the sound, the intensity, the admiration more than heard it. Sagittarius looks at the shining JBW United States Championship belt that he holds, tears of joy welling up in his eyes. He turns to Pisces Pink, who is equally touched – overjoyed that her other half has achieved this amazing feat on this night.)

    (And surrounded by thousands, watched by millions, the two share a passionate kiss as a spotlight shines down in the middle of the ring, illuminating them both in a surreal moment of triumph and happiness. Their theme music “Crush Faint” plays loud and strong as they turn to the crowds, Sagittarius holding the belt high as Pisces excitedly raises his other hand in victory, barely able to control herself as she screams in elation, and the fans cheer along with her.)

    Pat: Sagittarius definitely deserved that win and what a heartfelt speech he’s given as well. I have a feeling he’s going to grip that Championship as much as he can.

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    Dudley: Artemis was screwed and I’ll never forgive that midget. Artemis should have beaten everyone with his Kendo stick.

    Pat: So, you’re condoning violence against women now?

    Dudley: I condone violence against anyone who deserves it.

    Pat: How about I get The Sandman to condone some violence on you tonight before his match?

    Dudley: Oh look, we have to go backstage.

    (Pat begins laughing as we fade to the back to see Guy, the JBW cameraman, walking backstage and runs into Mike Muir and April Snow making out. He turns around and accidently hits a picture on the wall causing it to fall on the floor, shattering the glass and startling them both.)

    Guy the Cameraman: Aw, sorry you guys.

    Mike Muir: No worries bro, shit happens. Glad you're here though man.

    Guy the Cameraman: Really?

    Mike Muir: Yeah, about last week on WARFare. Sorry...

    April Snow: I'm gonna go find Sasha or Faith and let you guys talk. Love ya!

    Mike Muir: Ok, Love you too sweetie.

    (April gives Mike a kiss and heads off looking for one of her friends. Mike Muir notices Guy is checking her ass out as she walks off and Mike grabs Guy by the shoulder and shoves him back into the wall- then shoving his hand in his chest holding him.)

    Mike Muir: And just what the fuck were you looking at? Here I was about to say sorry you had to witness that shit last week and there you are checking my lady out right in front of me. You have a fucking death wish?

    Guy the Cameraman: (Looking like he is about to shit himself.) Sooo sorry man, I meant no disrespect. She is a lovely lady and you are so lucky to have someone like that in your life. Again, I am sorry.

    Mike Muir: (Still pressing Guy against the wall.)Damn right I'm lucky. Speaking of being luck, no make that destiny- tonight is my chance to prove to the JBW fans and JBW management that I can hang with the likes of JBW originals such as Malcolm Cage and newcomers here like Darius. And not only hang with them, but beat them both to become the number one contender to the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. Now I'm not taking them both lightly- I know what they can do in the ring.... Do I smell shit?

    Guy the Cameraman: Um, yeah, that would be me.

    (Mike Muir lets go of Guy and backs away)

    Mike Muir: Have you no shame? Really, you are a grown....

    (Darius walks up behind Muir and Muir backs into him.)

    Darius: Hey, Muir. Why don't you pick on someone your own size and leave Guy alone, yeah?

    (Darius shoves Muir away from him, making Guy back off a bit.)

    Darius: You think you can "hang" with Cage or myself? You've got to be joking, right? Cage is one of the greats, and I am a dual champion. Yeah, last week I was told these championships don't mean shit here, but they mean something to me and they mean something to the fans because they KNOW I will not let them down.

    I'm not here for the money, fame, or the whores like you are. I'm here for the gold and for the fans. The only thing in my way of my third championship ... Well, that scum is standing in front of me. Tell me, Muir ... Why do you think you can beat me? Or do you know you can't, and you're just playing the tough guy act? Everyone knows I am the better man and I will gladly prove it tonight when I defeat you and Cage in our match.

    Mike Muir: Why don't you mind your own fucking business Darius. And you say you're here just for the gold, not the fame and the money- to that I say bullshit. its all the same, you can't deny it. As for the fans- well as with all of us here in JBW, we are all here for them- without them, well we are all nothing. But these fans, well they can see through your shit.

    (Muir looks over at Guy the cameraman when he says 'shit', then looks back at Darius)

    Mike Muir: And yes, as great as you and Cage are in the ring, well yes, I can hold my own against you guys. Two weeks ago I beat Malcolm Cage- not an easy feat mind you, but I did it. And your titles you hold, like I said last week, they mean nothing here, yet you gloat about them over and over. I've held titles too, but you don't hear me talking about that to everyone within earshot. As for your whore comment, I hope you aren't insinuating that’s what my April is, if so, I'll kick your ass right here, right now. Fuck the number one contendership.

    (Darius goes to say something but Muir continues, shoving Darius back)

    Mike Muir: Did I say I was finished?

    (Darius pushes Muir off and it looks like they are about to come to blows when....)

    Guy the Cameraman: WHAT THE HELL!

    (Darius and Muir look over at Guy and see Larry Zbysco with his hand down the back of Guy's pants. Guy just stands there for a second until Larry removes his now shit covered hand)

    Larry: Dammit man. Where you keep your stash? I thought everybody kept it the same place I did.

    (Larry, wearing a tuxedo, removes his jacket and wipes the shit off his hand with it and throws it down on the floor while Darius, Muir and Guy just look at him)

    Larry: What? Had shit on my hands. Oh, I heard you guys are having a three way. Is that whore April involved? Any chance I can get in on that action? I....

    (Mike Muir goes to grab Larry but Larry throws his hands up.)

    Larry: Oh wait, she’s your whore, I mean bitch. Can I just watch you guys fuck while Darius takes me up the rear and I masturbate? Camera dude, you can have me next.

    (Both Darius and Muir look at each other, then at Guy. Then all three look at Larry)

    Larry: What?

    (Darius, Muir and Guy grab Larry, who is now kicking and screaming and haul him off down the hall as we fade back into the arena.)

    Pat: I wish I knew what went on in some people’s minds sometimes Duds.

    Dudley: Honestly Pat? I really don’t think you do. It’s proving to be a scary place here.

    Pat: Well, with that we have a Triple threat match coming up next for your viewing pleasure. It will be to determine the number one contender to the JBW World Heavyweight Championship! That match will be held later on tonight and either TDA or The Sandman will have to face who wins here tonight!

    Dudley: I mean, we’ve seen RedRuM and Alpha tear the proverbial roof down, Sagittarius and Artemis annihilate each other and now we get to see more!! Darius, Mike Muir and Malcolm Cage are going to beat the piss out of each other!
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    Pat: Try to sound a little less enthusiastic next time Duds. You make it seem like you want someone to get hurt.

    Dudley: Umm… no Pat….. never.

    Pat: Liar.

    (Just as Dudley was going to answer...)

    (Van Darius pops out with intensity and raises his arms high. He makes a beeline for the ring giving high fives to the fans as he makes his way down. When he gets to the ring, he pounds his chest after he hops onto the ring. He jumps over the top rope and jumps up and down awaiting the next person to come out.)

    Pat: Darius looks determined tonight Duds! This is his shot to prove he belongs here, to shut up all the naysayers.

    Dudley: OR, it’s his night to prove he still belongs in the bush leagues.

    (Pat shakes his head as Mike Muir’s theme begins to play.)

    Dudley: These two are a match made in Coney Island, Pat.

    Pat: What’s that supposed to mean?

    Dudley: One’s a sideshow freak and the other one loves beef hot dogs.(He winks.)

    Pat: That was possibly one of the worst things you’ve ever said. In terms of corniness AND stupidity.

    (Dudley grumbles under his breath as we see Muir dip April and kiss her passionately in front of the ring. They make their way up to the ropes and begin making out. Finally, they release and as April goes to get in the ring, she slides her ass on the crotch of Muir as he smiles and smacks it.)

    Dudley: Pure class from Muir right there. If I had that, I’d do the same thing 24/7.

    (Pat stares at Dudley as he begins smacking air.)

    (Malcolm Cage’s music begins to play and he comes out on the stage and stares at his opponents in the ring.)

    Pat: This man has literally been through hell and back here in JBW. If he wins here tonight, it will be the culmination of a lot of mis-steps and setbacks. It will go down in the history books of Jabe for sure.

    Dudley: He always talks about being “Uncaged” but it never happens. He never pulls the trigger. If it were up to me, he wouldn’t even be here in JBW. He needs to go with Darius back to the bush leagues. Maybe he needs to train some more.

    Pat: You’re at the worst you could probably be at tonight, Duds.

    Dudley: Whatever.

    Pat: Looks like were ready to get started here. All three men are in the ring and staring each other down.


    (Just as all three men square up and the bell rings, the GM’s music begins playing.)


    Dudley: What the hell is St. George coming out for?

    Pat: He’s the GM, he can literally do what he wants to. I for one can’t wait to see what he has to say honestly.

    (St. George appears on stage to massive cheers and adulation. He’s dressed in all Armani Exchange, all clean, all custom. Including his JBW T-Shirt and the suit jacket he’s wearing as well. He pulls his mic out of his pocket and takes off his sun glasses as well.)

    St. George: Awright geeezzaa! What I see 'ere is free awesomely talen'ed in rin' competitors but really bad storytellers. Thee guys bawerd me comin' in'er da match wiv da story but I expect dis ter be an amazingly con'ested fight. French Egg (en ouef) coaxin' though, onto business.

    I 'ave a few guys in da back what weren't advertised ter be 'ere. They've been kept 'idden all day in separate locashuns. This "Triple Threat" 'as turned in'er a "Hexa Threat"... In uvver words, A SIX-PACK CHALLENGE!! Sorted mate.

    Pat: What the hell?

    St. George: Cue ‘da tunes bruvas!!

    Dudley: Holy… shit.

    Pat: Yeah. I agree.

    (As the music continues playing people realize who it is and to an explosion of boos, Mr. Smyth slowly appears on the staging area with his suit smartly pressed and his briefcase in hand. After a few moments, Mr. Smyth walks down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring most of the fans that he passes by but takes time to throw the occasional look of disgust at the locals. Smyth climbs the steps, gets into the ring and passes off his suit jacket and the briefcase to the stagehand.)

    Dudley: COLOR ME IMPRESSED!!! The man who left JBW because he said it wouldn’t succeed has come back! R(ob) and St. George must have pulled off a massive contract for this man to return.

    Pat: If this is the first entrant, I wonder whos next!

    Dudley: I’m really excited haha. This shit is awesome! Never know what to expect in JBW! Never say never here!

    (With that the music of the fifth competitor begins playing as people erupt in cheers from their seats when they hear the song...)


    Pat: SHAZ IS BACK!!! WOW!

    Dudley: This just keeps getting better. The stoner extraordinaire, the seller extraordinaire, the one and only has graced us again!

    (As Shaz walks down the ramp he high fives the fans and smiles as he makes it to the ring. He looks at everyone else in the ring and decides to walk around it a bit. He goes over by the announcer booth and stands there. All men have their eyes locked on the entrance to see who the final competitor is as a strange, unfamiliar, and never heard before theme begins to suddenly play right from nowhere.)
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    (An aura hits the arena throughout that can only be described as cold, ominous, and intense. A beautiful young woman with a marvelous figure and chestnut brown long flowing hair steps out onto the stage. She wears a white tank top and short light blue stonewashed denim shorts, with black pump high heels. On closer inspection she is Sasha Panzer, almost unrecognizable as she stands with a new deadly and killer look in her eyes. She appears calm but seething, obviously with a brand new attitude. She begins shouting turning around behind her, calling for someone unseen with her hand.)

    Pat: It’s got to be Ano Doom.

    Dudley: I have no idea what that freak did to Sasha but… I think I like it.

    Pat: Sasha has been doing this with Ano for quite some time now, if it’s not him well then, he’s going to be quite mad.

    (The lights lower but do not fall out entirely, and then a loud explosion akin to a shotgun blast pops through the air, and the lights instantly shoot back up to normal. A massive, insanely jacked, and purely shocking figure now walks out behind her and intensely stands alongside her, and she slowly turns, looking him in the eyes. The seemingly man beast is clad in all black, consisting of a leather vest laced with spikes, spiked black gauntlets halfway up his arms, Black longer shorts that fall just above black kneepads, black leather gloves, and black boots that have several spiked straps on them with more spikes lacing the entire width of the boot. A menacing, chilling black helmet covers his entire face, with white horns protruding from the sides at near the top.)

    (Smoke flows from out of the helmet from the eyeholes and it is clear its coming from his nose too, in massive quantities, as the individual gives off a monstrous presence. Stunning artwork laces his body in all visible areas, as tattoos cover his juggernaut like frame. Sasha turns and looks at him once more, then begins walking towards the ring behind him, shouting commands and pointing angrily with a purpose. The unknown, unexpected giant advances upon the stunned men in the ring as she begins barking orders in German now. Muscles ripple throughout the savage as the feeling of something major is in the air overwhelmingly.)

    (As Ano Doom gets into the ring, everyone else gets into a huddle. Shaz slides in from the bottom and stands there just watching and listening. Finally, all five men surround Ano Doom and…)


    Pat: Typical rules for a six-pack challenge apply! Elimination and anything goes. The last man standing will be number one contender to the JBW World Heavyweight Championship!... The bell has rung and they’re not wasting any time!!

    (*Never mind the Nexus attack or the Championship win. Stop watching when the final two are in the ring. Ano Doom/John Cena, Mr. Smyth/Wade Barrett, Darius/Sheamus, Mike Muir/Edge, Malcolm Cage/Randy Orton, Shaz/Jericho*)

    Pat: And with a thunderous move, Mr. Smyth has finally been eliminated! He was such a dominant factor and man, that move came out of nowhere!

    Dudley: I’m honestly just as surprised as you Pat, I really thought Smyth had this one in the bag! But we’re down to just Darius and Malcolm Cage now! These two men have been battling with one another and four other men in Ano Doom, Shaz, Mike Muir and of course Mr. Smyth now for almost 35 minutes!

    Pat: I still can’t believe Mr. Smyth was the one to eliminate Ano Doom as well but damn did he put up a fight. No wonder they’re taking a breather in the ring. Neither of them have taken their eyes off of one another as well. Wait a minute… they’ve gotten up, looks like were back into action. You’ve got to think it won’t be long now!

    (Cage rushes Darius as Darius does the same. They meet in the middle and begin pounding one another in the face with closed fists. The ref cringes but cannot do anything due to the rules still being enacted.)










    (With a head full of steam, Malcolm Cage hits Darius so hard with a punch that they both go down.)

    Pat: DAMN! That was some hit! Malcolm Cage collapsed under the strength of the punch and well, Darius just collapsed all together!

    Dudley: There’s no way my jaw, or face could withstand that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Darius didn’t remember where he was at this point.

    (Malcolm is the first one to his feet. He picks up Darius by his hair and walks over to the ring ropes. He drags Darius’s face across the top rope and then hits hit head against the turnbuckle.)










    (Darius stops the last one and with all of his strength, grabs Malcolm’s arm and take it downward, as Darius falls, Malcolm’s face meets the top turnbuckle with a loud “THUNK!” Darius turns around and sits down with just enough time to punch Malcolm right… in… the…. Balls. A loud whimper is heard as Malcolm hits the ground in a heap and curls into fetal position.)

    Dudley: I’m nowhere near a fan of either dudes but that right there? That fucking sucked.

    Pat: In less vulgarity, it sure as hell did. Wow.

    (Darius picks up Cage and leans him against the ropes. He motions “Shhh” to the crowd and rears his hand back. SMACK!)

    Pat: That chop was heard around this arena in an echo from hell!

    Dudley: Look at his chest! It’s got popped vessels inside from one hit!

    (Darius rears back again. SMACK! *WHOOOOO!!*Again . SMACK! *WWWHHOOOOO!!!!* Again. SMACK! *WWHHOOOOOO!!!*)

    Dudley: Jesus.

    Pat: Yeah… the vessels have come through the skin now… his chest is raw, and bleeding.

    (Cage falls flat and Darius begins to walk around the ring grandstanding.)

    Pat: Wrong move by Darius.

    Dudley: This is what I mean by him being bush league. He needs to pin this dude, now!

    Pat: I hate that I have to do this but, I agree with you Duds. Stupid move against a veteran like Cage.

    (Just as Pat finishes his sentence, Malcolm Cage has stood up in the corner of the ring while Darius wasn’t looking. Cage smears his blood on his face and lets out a scream, Darius turns around and gets met with Cage running after him, Cage grabs him, runs up the ropes and hits him with “Caged Aggression” (Sliced Bread #2))

    Dudley: Now all he has to do is cover him and he’ll be the #1 Contender to the JBW World Heavyweight Championship!!!

    Pat: Do it Malcolm! DO IT!

    (Malcolm is aired out from the move and all the punishment he’s taken in this match. He struggles to get to his knees, gasping for breath and rolls up Darius in a Texas Cloverleaf.)
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    Pat: Is Malcolm going to make him tap?

    Dudley: I don’t even know if Darius is conscience to tap!

    (The referee looks at Darius’s limp arms as Malcolm can be heard screaming “TAP YOU SONOFABITCH!!! TAP!!!” the lifts Dariu’s left arm, it flops… 1! He lifts his left arm again, it flops… 2!! He lifts the left arm one last time and…. There’s signs of life! Darius begins to move it...)

    Pat: Darius has life!!

    (Just as Pat finishes, Darius’s arm falls and hits with a thud as the arena goes insane. The ref counts THREE!!! And Malcolm Cage releases the hold. He stands up and screams as loud as he can. He hurries to ringside and dumps water on himself. He gets cleaned up and jumps into the crowd. As he celebrates with the crowd, Darius is being checked on by the on-hand EMT’s. Darius stumbles onto his feet and Malcolm gets back into the ring.)

    Dudley: What a hell of a match from all six men involved! I think it went close to an hour here tonight and damn was it worth it!

    Pat: I thought you didn’t like either of these gentlemen in the ring?

    Dudley: Every dog gets its due. This is their time. Shut it.

    (Malcolm gets into Darius’s face and you can hear some verbal dialogue being exchanged but, not much. Finally, Malcolm extends his hand for Darius to shake. The audience approves and Darius goes in for the shake.)

    (Malcolm releases and rolls out of the ring and dives back into the crowd. Everyone is on their feet for Darius as he’s helped out by the EMT’s. We see Malcolm laughing and smiling as we go backstage we see Larry, in a robe and nothing else, walks up to Mike Hawk somewhere in the backstage area)

    Larry: Sooooooo you're the TV Dinner Champion ain't you? And you're taking on that Ronald McDonald clown tonight here on Santa Claus. What's your name again?

    Hawk: I am Mr. JBTV Mike Hawk, JBTV's leading man and the ratings magnet that keeps us on the air. Now as my guest tonight, you should be able to pronounce the name of the host's title correctly, the JBW Television title. As for Ronald, say what you want about him.

    Larry: Did you just ask to look at your cock? Not without buying me a big bag of crack first. Then I'll do anything you want me to. I think you can get crack at the Ronald McDonalds House, I know you can get McNuggets and crap like that. But I bet you're more of a TV Dinner guy right? Amm I right?

    (Larry reaches into his robe and starts scratching his nuts, then sniffing his fingers afterwards)

    Larry: Hmm, smells like cheese.

    (Larry then licks his fingers.)

    Larry: Taste like the hooker last night. Not sure what was up with him. Anyways, where were we? You're the TV guy who wants to fight a clown. I think that’s what I'm supposed to ask.

    Hawk: Make fun of my name all you like, but when I first came here, I picked a stage name to stand out from the other guys with bland names. Now look where I am now and look where they are today and you will see that I am no joke.

    But yes I am the man that wants to defend the JBTV title against the biggest critic, Ronaldo at For the Cause. For to long he has chastised my programing and thinks of it as unfit for the human race. But I simply create television that entertains the larger demographic. So what if I can't get the intellectuals this time, I have everyone else watching my show and the last time I recalled, ratings are a shows number 1 priority.

    Larry: Well, I watch a lot of TV myself when I am coming off my highs. Mostly porn and those hot women on Golden Girls that I masturbate to, but I may just have to tune into your show to watch Bozo the Clown get his ass kick. How dare a clown tell you that are unfit for the masses, Clowns are the root of all evil, Clowns aren't people and they must suffer. What channel is that on again? And what time? I don't want anything to interfere with my 12 o'clock orgy, or my 1 o'clock coke binge. SHIT! I forgot to take my pills.

    (Larry reaches into his robe again, reaches into his ass and pulls out a shit covered wad of paper, un wads it, takes the pills out of the paper and pops them in his mouth, then wipes his hands on his robe)

    Larry: Ahhhh, can't wait for those fucker to kick in. And what time is your show on the air again?

    Hawk: The critic will learn the error of his ways Sunday at 7PM central time. Now as far as you go, my people have just contacted me and informed me that this is your highest rated show segment in a long time but after seeing your behavior, parents had to cut off the TV even with me on it, for something more suitable for the kids. Now I know you want the same thing I do, but let's be honest, who really watches your show?

    So since you are my guest at the moment, I hate to inform you that the JBTV network has cancelled your show for offending viewers, losing ratings and giving people like me a bad name. I think its time for you to get off of my set and pack your bags now sir.

    (Larry starts to tear up and reaches back into his own robe and grabs his balls.)

    Larry: Come on guys, Mr Hawk cancelled us. Guess its off for our next interview.

    (Larry walks off, still clutching his balls while Mike Hawk gets ready for his match. We follow Larry as he sits in the hallway and pulls out a needle, spoon, rubber tube and a lighter. Quickly the PPV goes black and a picture of Shuriken Blade comes on screen motioning his arms up and down in an “Uh-oh” fashion. Finally, we come back and we see Larry walking into another locker room in a drugged stupor.)

    Larry: Heyyyy, wheres the partyyyyy?

    (Larry looks over and sees Pride and Sorrow of Mixed Emotions getting ready for their match tonight.)

    Larry: Heeeeey eyyyye knowww you guyyyss. You guys are taking on Black Booooties, The Panties Division and I Can Grabby. You guys are sooo lucky screwing a bunch of women, need helppppp?

    Pride: First off we aren't fighting anyone, we are putting on a show of spectacular proportions to blow away any team that even thinks they are in the same league as us. And second, we are performing with men, woman just tend to be divas and take away attention from us because they are jealous about not have any talent.

    Sorrow: Hold up, you aren't a drunken fan. Your that Larry guy that runs the interview show. Shouldn't you still be there interviewing Mike Hawk now and why are the camera men in our locker room?

    Larry: Wellll Mr Hawk cancelled myyy show with him because heeee thoughtt I was too muchh for kids to watchhh on his TVVVVV show. Did you guyyys know heeee has the highest
    rated show?
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    And stupiddd me, I forgot to ask for his Herbie Handcock, you know, have him sign my robe or my ass. Anywaysss I am supposed to be back here now to talk about the fatally fourway clusterfuck match you guys are in. I honestly though all the other teams were women with their team names. SOOOOOO what are your plans with them? Thrilllll them with a show to distract them then go for the win or kick em all in their balls while I give you guys handjobs? Either one would work.

    Pride: First off, even though they are men, they are still divas so your assumptions about their genders is not uncommon. But all of our matches are shows, works of art that are patrons pay good money to see each week. Icono… whatever the fuck they name themselves are just there to move the props and make sure we look good so they will be no trouble. The Panzers are just a bunch drunks who got on our stage by accident and will be ejected forcefully by us personally.

    Sorrow: Now Black Blooded on the other hand are our costars. We both have wins over each other and we are in their theater this time putting us at a disadvantage. But we travel around all the time because we know we can steal the show anywhere we go.

    Pride: And just like we conquered them in EWNCW, we are going to beat here and take their turf, their fans and their titles. We will save the fans here from slapstick entertainment and give them the show that they came to see.

    Larry: I thinkkk yout are correct in that theyyy all aree all like divaaas. Maybeee if all the Panzers are drunk enoughhh I will dooo them all, even those ugly girly twins Koly and Oirrrllll Panzer. Ohhhh and thossse guysss in Black Booty are into incest, one of them is doing their daughter, or the daughter is doooing her daddy orr something like that. I gueesss its like meee with my son Timmm, I lettt him sleeeeeep withhh my currect wifffeee on the weekends. The bitchhh prefersss himmm anyways. Exxccusssse meee, gotta drain little Larryyy now

    (Larry gets to his feet, walks over to a locker, opens it and starts to piss in it.)


    (Larry continues pissing for another minute, then turns back to Pride and Sorrow and sits down on a bench. Pride and Sorrow look at him in disgust.)

    Larry: Felt like I was pissing razor blades. Is that normal? And...issss.... shit, I thinkkk the xanax's are kickinggg in noooow. Uhhh wheree was I? And where the fuckkk am I? Andd why are allll fourrr off you looking at me likeee that? Ohhh yeahhh, I am interviewinggg youuu guys for the match box. Soo all four off you should have an advantageee over thhhe other threee teamms. Dooo you thinkkkk thats fair? I surre dooo. Theeeey shoulllld lett those whores Barbieee and Sashaaaaa beee anotthhher team.

    Theeey aree jussst girllls sooo they woulld beee the easiest tooo beat but youuu maaaay be abllle to gett lucky withhh them afterwards. Annnddd say, ifff Mike Hawk...heyyyy that sounds like my cock. Huhhhhh. anywayss if my cock gives you, waiiit if Mike Hawk gives you a timmme slot on hisss TV, youu thinkkk I coulddd do a cameo or twoo eaccch week? And aftttter ypu wipeee Black Booty outtt offf JWB, uh, WBJ, shiiit JBW, whattt are you guysss gonna do?

    Pride: Our show isn't something anyone else controls. Our show is a work of art. We come out and wrestle and no one can or has put a stop to us yet. No one controlled what Leonardo painted, no one controlled what notes Mozart played and no one is going to control what moves we make, we are the Thespians of Class and we are going to be the next JBW tag team champions of the world.

    Sorrow: As for what we are going to do about the other three teams, we are going to do the same thing to them as we did to every other team we faced. We are going to stare them in the eyes, and beat them until these people witness the greatest show on Earth. Barbie and Sasha can wrestle and give us more challenge then any of the other teams you are right and I am sure it would be more entertaining, but we beat whoever crosses our path and wants to stop us from reaching greatness.

    Pride: As far as your cameo goes, you’re going to have to take that up with Hawk or anyone else backstage because as far as our show goes, there is only enough room on the stage for two and right now, it's very crowded on our stage right now but that will be fixed. I guarantee you that the only thing any of those buffos will remember is the roar of the patrons going "Bravi, Bravi, Bravissimo"!. Now if you excuse us, we have to go and ask our contractors for a new locker room since there is piss all over our locker!

    Sorrow: And preferably, a room with a lock on the door. But we will leave you all with this, venimus vidimus vicimus!

    Pride: We came, We saw, We conquered.

    Larry: Thhhhats what she said.

    (Larry gets up and offers his hand to both Pride and Sorrow but they both get up and leave the locker room, leaving Larry all alone with the camera man.)
    Larry: Heeeyyy, comme here, I got a trickk I wanna show you. Pull your pants down.

    (Larry drops his robe and stands there nude)

    Larry: Now who's your daddy?. Daddy's gottt a wholeee newww trick to show you tonight. Don't be afraid, little Larry doesn't bite. Big Larry does. Shittt when did I grooow another penis? Shiiittt my hand has 10 fingers. Whaaaattts going on here? Ahhhh, come here man, letttsss gettt it onnnnnn. Ohhhhhh there are two of you noooowwww, double the fun, doubleee the pleasureee. I don't thinkkkk those werreeee xanax's. Fuuuuuuuckk, comeeee on guysss, lets do itttt!!!!

    (The camera man drops the camera to the ground, shattering its lens and runs off. Larry begins chasing him and runs into Karl and Oli Panzer. Larry looks up and Karl mushes him in the face and he hits a nearby wall. Karl and Oli Panzer walk into the locker room with a case of beer each- they see both members of ICONOGRAPHY, Ben Reilly Kent and Jason Todd Kent, sitting on a bench going over their game plan.)

    (Oli takes a set against the lockers and opens up his case and starts drinking. Karl sits on a bench across from the two and opens his case and tosses one to each of the Kents, then opens one for himself and downs it like only a Panzer can. Karl then tosses his empty can on the floor and opens himself up another one but notices Ben and Jason still haven't opened their cans.)

    Karl Panzer: What? Drink up. Consider yourself lucky we aren't kicking your asses now, We'd rather save that for the ring.

    Oli Panzer: Yeah that’s after we take care of Black Blooded and you guys take care of Mixed Emotions.

    Ben: But, we're completely straight edged, sir. What would Superman say to this?

    Jason: I'm afraid I agree with my brother my fine German friends. We can collect them though. And remember a time we were shown graciousness from the almighty PANZER'S!

    (Jason and Ben both smile and Karl laughs.)

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    Karl: Well that’s all fine and dandy. At least you guys have manners and aren't like all the other posers around here. You recognize greatness when its in front of you. I can and will drink to that.

    Oli: Me too.

    Karl and Oli open up another beer each and down them quickly.

    Karl: So you guys are into Superman? I'm more of a Batman fan.

    Oli: I am more of a Wonder Woman man. She can wrap her lasso around me anytime.

    Ben: Well, we're in to all superheroes. We're very partial to DC comics.

    Jason: I mean, I am named after the second Robin after all. Our parents just happened to have the last name Kent and luckily they're the ones who sent this our direction.

    Ben: And sorry sir but, Wonder Woman is fake. Although she is beautiful, she's still only a picture on a printed page.
    Jason: That is true brother. Very true.

    (Oli stands up.)

    Oli: Waitttt, Wonder Woman is fake? I thought I saw her back in that strip club in Berlin.

    Karl: She was just dressed up as her- well until she stripped down to nothing.

    Oli: Well damn. Now I'm depressed.

    Karl: Drink another beer, it will help.

    (Oli cracks open another beer and downs it in about 3 seconds.)

    Oli: Nope.

    Karl: So have you got copies of the German version of DC Comics? Much more detail in the graphics.

    Jason: Sorry sir but, we don't speak or read German so, why on Earth would we collect them?

    Ben: Indeed. No disrespect to either of you but, comics that need to be translated usually take like four or five months. They're very behind from the American ones. Heh, I remember being in "Blackest Night" when the Mexico was just getting "The Sinestro Corps. War"!!

    (Both brothers begin laughing and high five while the Panzer's look on. They both get another beer… and down them.)

    Karl: Ah but the ones I'm talking about are already translated for the American troops stationed there. A bit of a thanks to American troops for helping turn our country around way back in the day. But yeah, the ones in German are about a year behind.

    Oli: Karl, you know you're a nerd.

    (Karl looks at both Jason and Todd.)

    Karl: And don't you guys tell anyone

    (Karl gets to his feet and stands over both Kents who both look up at him.)

    Karl: Well, like I said, you guys aren't so bad. Don't take your lose tonight so bad. When we win the JBW Tag Team belts tonight, we will make sure you guys get first shot. Just remember to take care of those Opera freaks.

    (Karl offers his hand to both Kents, they shake, Karl picks up what is left of his case, Oli picks up what is left of his and they both leave the Kents to themselves.)

    Ben: I wish I knew he was talking about the older German ones. I have a ton of those. Either way… morals come first brother. Always remember that.
    Jason: I do brother. I do.

    (As the Panzers are walking out, Oli looks down and sees Larry still lying there. He kicks him in the ribs and Larry throws up. The makeshift drug apparatus is still on his arm as The Panzer’s leave from the right side. On the left side, two large and one small shadows walk up to him. Black Blooded stop in shock at the site before them.)

    Mr. Blood: Is this him?

    Mr. Black nods, his face blank under his leather mask.

    Mr. Blood: well, let's wake him up.

    (Mr. Black turns, grabbing a large bucket of water from a trembling crewmember, with one motion he turns, drenching the JBW "Interviewer" with the liquid.)

    Larry: Whut tha, The fuck you do that for? Fucking son of a bitch cockbiting fucktards!

    Mr. Black: Get up.

    Larry: And just who the fuck are you now?

    (Larry peers up at Mr. Black, and up, and up. Before drunkenly staggering to his feet, his eyes still jerky and unfocused.)

    Larry: Alright off'cer I'll move along.

    (Larry turns, pissing on the wall of the arena, whistling to himself.)

    Mr. Blood: You gotta’ be fucking kidding me. This is the asshole that's supposed to interview the Dominant Predators? The JBW Tag-Team Champions?

    (Larry's eyes light up at the word "Interview" turning back to Black Blooded, he starts to speak.)

    Larry: Yeah, Interview, I got questions here, you'll see, I'll interview you so good you'll want me to suck your dick after!!

    (Mr. Blood jumps back, slapping Larry hard across the face.)

    Mr. Blood: Son of a bitch! You fucking pissed on me you little cocksucker!

    Larry: Just give me a bit of ice man, just a lil taste and I'll do whatever you want.

    Mr. Blood: How about getting me a dry pair of pants you fucking cockstain!!

    (Larry pulls his pants down the rest of the way, handing them to the biker.)

    Larry: Here, now give me the stuff man, give it here. Ice, X, K, whatever you got, I just gotta stop the shaking c'mon you gotta have something.

    (Larry stops, looking at Vivica, a hunger in his eyes.)

    Larry: Hey there sweet thing, you got somethin’ for ol’ Larry now, don't ‘ya? I know you got something sweet. C'mon now!!

    Vivica: Eww, Daddy, get him away from me!!!

    Larry: Ok, Ok, the interview, right see, I can do this! Ok, what makes you guys think you have a chance of keeping the titles against three other teams?

    Mr. Blood: That's your fuckin question? You know what? Fucking fine. Look, we took out three other so called fucking teams to get these belts in the first place, how about that? We've crippled people better than all of these six assholes combined. We've ridden across the fucking planet making our name in his shithole of an industry. There isn't a team here that has a chance of taking these belts away from us, simple as that.
    Mr. Black: No matter what they try.

    Larry: Alright, alright, alright, let me see here... god damn, you hear those owls? No wait, that's not right. Look, Are you really this girls daddy? And if so, are you two like, together too? ‘Cause she is fucking hot, and you know the crazy bitches always fuck the bes-
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