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    Total Divas HQ

    ok so yeah this is for our Diva fans, you can discuss anything you want about the WWE Divas, however you are not permitted to post spoilers in the comments.. you can talk about all things related to WWE Divas
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    Anybody else feel like WWE needs to pull a Chyna with Beth Phoenix? Maybe it's the WWE-PG that doesn't want men beating up women, but I'd love to see her move up to wrestling male superstars! She has the ability, she has the mic. skills. She's a little awkward sometimes in the ring, but I think it's because she has to deal with making a good match with crappy divas! Give her some time against some men are see how she can perform! I'd love to see her in MITB, more Royal Rumbles, even an Elimination Chamber. I think she'd be over huge with female watchers!
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    Not a fan of seeing Male vs Female wrestling. Just doesnt do it for me. My thoughts on some of the Divas:

    Eve Torres: I dont know what it is, but theres something that I just DONT like about her. It sounds as if shes got a good background and shes definitely has the look (athletic, sexy) but I just cant get into her for some reason.

    Alicia Fox: I would've never thought she would make a good champion, but I was wrong. Granted she still has a lot of polishing to do both on the mic and in the ring, but I can definitely see her having a good run.

    Kelly Kelly: She'll never be taken seriously in WWE as anything more then just a pretty face. I think WWE really wants her to be their "IT" girl but theres a problem.. she doesnt have that "IT" factor.

    Tiffany: Im suprised they didnt try to keep her in a GM role as she came off really well on ECW as GM. I havent really seen too much of her as far as wrestling goes so I wont comment on that.

    LayCool: They're suprisingly good as a duo. I just wish they would stop making it seem as if Michelle is the "big dog" and Layla is the "pup" that follows her every move. No chance of that happening tho as Mrs. Callaway has too much pull backstage and they want her to be the next Trish Stratus.

    Bella Twins: If I was granted one wish from a magic genie.. oh man!

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    wwe really needs to bring in real womans wresters theres a few good ones beth melina michelle some are just there as eye candy and cant wrestle shit and now they are doing auditons or something for divas these days wtf

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    I think its sad they have Gail Kim, yet only use her to make the others look ok in the ring. Melina and Beth are the only other one other than Gail that can put on a good show without having to be carried by someone else.
    WWE justs needs to lure some women away from TNA- Angelina Love, Daffeny, Sarita...etc

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    I think it's a total waste if WWE releases Tiffany - they should really be releasing that idiot husband of hers.

    I love Beth Pheonix and Natalya - women who actually LOOK the goods, not just overgrown gymnasts like Kelly Kelly or Michelle McCool. Alicia Fox has game, so does Layla. Maryse has a lot of personality AND looks good and can get around the ring a bit but I think she'll work better for a while as Dibiase's foil. Gail Kim is hot and probably the best worker of the women.

    I would love to see Awesome Kong in WWE doing a program with Beth Pheonix, but I know WWE would never hire her. Shame.

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    I am not a fan of woman's wrestling. But I did like Mickie James, it was a shame she was released

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    Yeah, I forgot about Natalya- just wish she was wrestling more(I am just glad they are using her at all). I agree Maryse should just stick with Dibiase. But WWE is gonna do what they want- put the titles on the ones that are hot but can not wrestle. The ones that actually can wrestle get the titles for very short times.

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    poor Jillian she'll never get another title run again.

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    i totally forgot about natalya and serena they where actually wrestlers them selves but they arent getting showcased enough though if they do the woman's division would improve alot

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