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    Dont forget she and Layla riped of TBP

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    Beth Phoenix is a multi time womens champion. they should look to her to carry the divas division like they do with cena/orton. and yes Melina has gotten her little "summer push" but what is she doing now? is she in any major feuds? nope, shes gonna be in lumberjill matches and random tag matches for now. instead of having laycool vs Natalya they could of had a face Melina vs a heel Natalya for the tittle. thats never been done b4.
    lol umad?

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    I bet you Natalya is going to win the title at a PPV and the next RAW Bret Hart is going to hand the title to her like he did with Hart Dynasty.

    We need Beth Phoenix back!
    Use what you have. Get what you want.

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    Current state for the Diva's division: dead but it can be revived.

    People, we can make it better!

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    I'd love to see the Diva name removed. It is just so tied with pathetic eye candy now. Calling them Women wrestlers or female wrestlers is fine. TNA's use of Knockouts is exceptionally good with the double meaning.

    Next, I'd get rid of about 8 of them, while hiring ones that can actually wrestle from Shimmer (and maybe Wrestlicious... if any of them can wrestle have yet to make it through a full episode without becoming ill.) Even FCW/NXT 3 has possibilities. Naomi looks like she can wrestle, not that the show even bothers having wrestling matches any more.

    I'd try and get some respect by giving them actual last names. How many Divas has WWE had over the years that you can name, but don't know the character's last name? Going back to Chyna, Lita, and even earlier up to nowadays, it seems more than half of them aren't even given a full name. That shows how little they are respected.

    Next, I'd give them actual matches that last more than 2 minutes, and have them wrestle. And set up storylines rather than say oh, who hasn't been champ in more than 10 months? Fine they are number 1 contenders, now flip a coin to see if they win the title.

    And those that remain would be given the ultimatum, perform well or be replaced. (Actually Vince seems to already give them that ultimatum, however it doesn't extend to any area that would be televised)

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    By the way, TNA is also guilty of the no last name thing to an extent. With unusual names it can work (Edge for example) but picture a wrestler called Mike or Bob with no last name. You'd be saying wtf? Why, because dozens of wrestlers can have that name. Here's an interesting one, in the early years of TNA they had dancers with one name. They got so uncreative they recycled. One of the dancers was Chelsea, a completely different person than the Chelsea they have now.

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    Beth Phoenix is a dominant force in the WWE, but I doubt that would even save the Diva division. Just look at Natalya... She lost to Michelle Mccool, and Natalya almost has the same build an in-ring ability as Beth Phoenix does. It was very hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that a twig beat Natalya. If you used reality Mccool should have lost the title that night. I guess WWE puked all over their reality approach with that one. I mainly believe that the diva division is suffering inside of the WWE because they revolved their storylines around their sexuality, and a huge load of violence was put into their storylines back then. Unfortunately there are a lot of lines you can not really cross within the world of wrestling when it comes to women wrestlers.

    We will not see the the Diva division being treated properly until' the WWE hires more writers an split them up invidually to the Main event Writers, Midcard Writers, and Diva Writers. Not just one team... That way each guy will get their chance to shine an if this WWE deal goes forth then we will see more hours of WWE wrestling, and they could stretch it out for each writers storyline to be given the chance to be noticed on live television. But for now guys.. You will have to turn to your video games if you have them or protest like everybody did for Bryan Danielson an demand that the Diva division get a fair share of spotlight an storylines.

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    When was the womens division any good anyway. It had a highlight in 2002 but other than that... At least we dont have bull nakona or bertha fayes ... O how i hated the division of early 90s

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    I was actually hoping that they would use Tamina more, she has the in ring skills and ofcourse she will need mic experience but I guess the WWE has no patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwt15 View Post
    Dont forget she and Layla riped of TBP
    don't forget TBP ripped off Vince's Devils
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