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    AJ is by far the only person on the roster that they should push to have great feud with Kaitlyn for the title right now. The storyline is already build in with all the bad blood between them (storyline wise anyway) to boot, WWE won't even have to give it that much TV time since we all know they probably won't anyway and the storyline could go on for a couple months at least.

    Also, let's be honest AJ deserves the chance to hold that title, she is the WWE's most over Diva by a mile. Plus, even though I know a lot of you don't know cause you either never saw her wrestle much or forgot, AJ is an excellent wrestler with a high flying style that no other Diva on the roster has.

    Don't believe me, check out these videos:

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    I know a lot of people would not watch, but I would for sure. I like Divas wrestling, I think many don't get a chance to show their skills correctly, with their own show they could bring up a bunch of solid to great divas from NXT like Sasha Banks, Paige and many others and finally give the Divas in WWE a chance to grow and have a great storyline, even ones not centered around the title.

    The sad part is though this would never happen, WWE could make it happen, but if they were going too they would of long ago.

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    AJ would make perfect sense given the history between her and Kaitlyn. Not sure how likely it is while Ziggler's in the main event scene though, and I think it's even less unlikely to happen if Ziggler becomes WHC.

    They could stick with Tamina for the time being. She is one of the better in-ring divas.

    Forget about Natalya. She's about as far as you can get from being #1 contender right now thanks to WWE's magical booking once again.

    I think a Layla heel turn to feud with Kaitlyn over the title makes sense. Layla plays a good heel, and I think the novelty of her face run has worn off now. She's also one of the better in-ring divas and an established diva. With that said, I think Layla vs Kaitlyn would be a suitable feud leading into Wrestlemania for WWE to go with for the divas title.
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    could be great, but I fear there isn't enough crowd to fill the seats so it is very unlikely to happen. to bad, there is some talent in the WWE but they don't get a chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Newport View Post
    Aksana is the 2nd biggest waste of space the Divas division has ever produced, directly behind Rosa Mendes.

    What's most dissapointing is that she was a great talent down in FCW and on NXT 3. She had a funny, dumb blonde character and could work a decent match. But it's like the moment she dyed her hair black, put on the red lipstick, and debuted in WWE, she completely lost it.
    Thats because of how the WWE is booking her. She did have some decent matches. She hasn't lost it, it's just how shes being booked. I am not saying that Aksana is the end all soltion, but train her a little bit with Dave Finlay, and she very well may have the potential to be something very decent. Even Trish at one time looked awful, back in 1999. Im by no means comparing the 2 cuz that wouldn't be fair but why not train the girl some. WWE divas division is so thin right now, at least try to use what you got.

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    Finley was probably the best thing that happened to the womens division back in the day. As someone stated- look at what he did with Trish. And he took Candice Michelle, who wrestling ability was on par with K2 or worse and made he pretty good in the ring until she got hurt. They really should have him back training the ladies that really need it

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    Give them their own show and get them away from the legitimate entertainment. Let them fly or fall on their own merit.

    If you can't find this thread later, I merged it into the Diva thread

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    what they should do with the diva's devision is to create a completely independent weekly television show like a big brother where u put all of the divas inside a house and monotorize every single move.
    some guys may even join in like the miz and zack ryder
    and if wwe wasnt pg we could see the miz doing a figure 4 with layla
    and watching zack ryder giving the rough ryder to kaitlyn.
    all in secret hidden cameras.

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    aj lee but not soo soon wwe is not giving two shits about the diva's division so we may see kaitlyn hold on to that strap for a good 6 months

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    They'd do the show and WWE could throw their all behind it.

    If it fails, it'll be WWE's fault.
    If it succeeds, the Diva's will get all the credit.

    Personally, I don't think an all diva show would work, in any era.
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