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    Anyone else feel as if the divas division is dead?

    The matches are too short and terrible and the title pictures are somewhat a mess, it seems like if youre a diva you can just debut and be considered as the number 1 contender for which ever championship....back in the day there were actual story lines real heated fueds, they would cut decent promo's be even decent manager's or valet's (Yea maryse do something for ted once in a while to stop his losing streak) they are good to look at but the thing is the divas of yesterday knew how to wrestle, unlike today's kick, punch, finisher, pin type of match but you had divas that were technical, highflying etc. and if these divas have wrestling talent theyve gotta show it!!!, it seems everytime wwe has a divas match i tend to go get something to drink so i can watch the next match which could be mediocre as well but there is actual wrestling in it as well....

    my bad if it went too long... bottom line vince hire divasfor their wrestling ability not just for what makes you pitch a tent in ur pants... and if that last line sounded cheezy my bad as well

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