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    I feel that having Sheamus go to the mid card helps the other mid carders a great deal, it definatly makes the US title more important. The issue I have is that some people may have liked Sheamus as the Undisputed champ, he wasnt quite ready to be brought in and instantly be "the guy"... He has two major moves (Cena has more than that) and his character flip flops from a tough guy and a scardy cat ( you cant be both) they brought him in as they did Brock Lesnar, diffrence is Brock was a beast. They shoulda gave Sheamus a manager or an agent and it woulda made him more complete.
    But I kinda like the mid card talent these days, Daniel Bryan, Jo Mo, Ziggler, Kofi, and I bet Sin Cara is ganna tear it up and it has so much promise with all the nxt guys getting better every week. I just wish they would bring more tag teams in and make them legit right off the rip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    Very valid point sir, I was thinking of when Ziggler was 'fired' from Smackdown and then moved to Raw, so being fired or quitting literally means nada in some cases.
    Yeah, I actually laughed when Ziggler got "fired".

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    i thought there was a chance he would wind up on smackdown or he would lose controversially like him tapping and having hold of the rope and gets a rematch at wrestlemania or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottland View Post
    I think it's the step in the right direction for Sheamus. They are going to build him back up to main event level & will probably just run through mid-card guys a for a little awhile in doing so. I don't think this really does much for the U.S. Title though as it's only going to be in the spotlight because of Sheamus' push but once Sheamus loses the title? It will go back to being pretty much what it's been for the past several years.

    The problem isn't that the dignity of the U.S. Title has been lost. The problem is most of today's young talents are just plain out-and-out mediocre. Wrestlers today have to be a total package which consists of more then just being good or solid in the ring. They have to be able to carry a promo, be entertaining, know how to interact with the audience & so forth. Most of today's young talents can barely do one of those. Until WWE gets better talents then they will struggle with their roster.
    Good point. I thought that only the likes of Bryan could bring prestige back to that belt, but Sheamus is a great edition to the list of great champions. I like that they didn't just thrust Sheamus back into the main event, like they would with Rey Mysterio, as a filler when Edge is injured. This was a great transition for Sheamus, and I hope to see him in the world title hunt by the end of the year.

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    The mid-card belts for me have been mis and underused for a long time. I don't want to reminise about the 'good old days' but i do remember when Jericho had the Intercontinential Title in about 2000 ish, then Angle had it combined with the european etc and it was a clear nod to future talent but also a theme to build genuine stories around. There was a prestige about having those belts and it gave fans clear 'tiers' of wrestlers' levels.

    Now it seems that these title holders are forgetable at best. Kofi vs ADR for example at ele chamber, wasn't even a title match? Ok it can be argued that ADR is being pushed for the WHT and they had a grudge match, but why give Kofi the title in the first place?

    The U.S title match was one of the better matches over the last few weeks on RAW and had some decent wrestling. But it felt like they had to 'reset' Sheamus' standing from main eventer to where fans see him established, a good up and coming mid-carder.

    I personally would like to see more made from these belts. People like Di Basie, Rhodes and Drew are in the transition from being new talent to well established talent these belts would be ideal focal points to build this talent up, and give them credible story lines.

    I don't even want to start on the tag team titles. They have been passed around like an unwanted step child bewteen makeshift tag teams. Cena and Miz winning them for 5 minutes was a disgrace and made a mockery of the great tag teams of the last twenty years.
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