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    Red face Vince Do U Remember Randy Orton? :L

    Basically, this just a post on my opinions, on the lack of creative decisons in WWE.
    Soo nearly every week on raw, Randy kicks soo much ass & he is generally so good as a tweener..
    but why hasnt he got the title?

    I mean Randy took Triple H's place at Summerslam in theory, & no he still didnt win.
    They push him 2 only let him down
    its wrong.

    You can see how annoyed he gets and when he swears when he walks up the ramp or when people blow there move his clearly pissed off.
    Cos he is the future..and will continue 2 be..but vinceee has his arse so farrrr uppppp otha peoples arses, he dont care, giving a push to a shit slowwwwwwww white milky barr like Shameus is rong.!!

    Its not rite. And i think Randy shud beeee recognises & at least given the title he dserves it i think its been too long comingggg tbh.


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    Yeah Orton RKO-ing people lately means WWE make him look good the past few weeks.

    He is the future because hes a perfectionist? I really hope Orton is a forgiving type to whoever wrestler that screw up their moves or bump at the wrong time when against him,too bad for Kofi and Mr.Anderson though.

    I think its not Orton time yet to become champion,that injury prone fella...

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    this orton reminds me so much of austin stunnering people and i like it about time we had that kind of character again i think he will win tomorrow night and become champion and the age of orton will begin again

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    He has already won the top championships mutiple times. If he stays in the main event too long people will hate him. Half the reason most people hate Cena is because he is rammed down are throats by being in the main event every other PPV. I have already seen some people turn on Randy for being in it too long.


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