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    Grand Fight Club

    Always in desire of figuring out who the best wrestlers are tournaments rose as the new thing. In a world of an unrealistic amounts of physically taxing wrestling matches lies the exclusive wrestling flight club! The format is a league made of several tournaments per season to find the best wrestler in each season. But all the matches are simulated or randomized! League size is typically 32 but this season featured an open format resulting in 128 wrestlers coming along. With so many wrestlers the solution was to eliminate wrestlers as the league progressed. Season 18 follows standard club procedures:

    Start with 100 points
    +10 for each win.
    -2 for each loss.
    +50 per gold medal (first)
    +25 per silver medal (2nd)
    +10 per bronze medal (3-6 place depending on how specific tournament runs)
    +20 for surviving an elimination phase.

    Elimination phase occurs after 5 tournaments within the league.
    25 total tournaments. 1-5 "life" elimination style in various tournaments.
    Top 8 Guaranteed spot in next season as well as spot in grand championship final tournament.
    Grand Championship finalists get 2 lifes each and are seeded based on season results.
    Final 3-4 matches take place in Madrid, Spain.
    It will be a Pay-Per-View format and contain more matches though fueled by past feuds etc.

    Extra notes: Wrestlers are assumed to be in their prime and alive.

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    GFC Ep. #1 Part 1

    King: Welcome to London, England! Tonight marks the kick off of season 18’s grand championship tournament!

    JBL: There’s Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and now for the first time ever, fight club has come to London!

    King: It all started with 128 wrestlers. Last season’s winner Sami Zayn has already fallen along with Rey Mysterio, The Rock, and Wade Barrett just to name a few. All seemingly in their prime!

    JBL: Except for you Jerry. How did they even let you into this? What an embarrassment!

    King: You’re sitting on the sidelines right along side with me! Why aren’t you out there fighting for the championship?

    JBL: I made it further than you! Case closed!

    King: Tsh. Anyways. Here comes a former season winner. It’s Sami Zayn!

    JBL: It’s a tradition for last season’s winner to kick things off for the championship! And like him or hate him, Sami shocked the world winning his first ever tournament!

    Sami (center of ring) : Thank you! Thank you! What a warm reception in wonderful London, England!

    King: I love this guy!

    JBL: Oh brother.

    Sami: The competitive fumes are dashing through the air. Ahhhh. In just 5 weeks a winner will be crowned! I’m willing to bet he will be courageous, charismatic, and simply the best man! 128 men have wittled down into 8. 8 remaining wrestling stars will compete in a double elimination tournament. Our first championship match of the evening will feature #1 vs #8. Damien Sandow vs Gangrel!

    King: Oh boy, what a great match!

    JBL: Damien has simply had the most impressive season to date. Just look at the stats: 117 wins, 1437 points, and a remarkable 4 outright tournament wins!

    King: You can’t overlook Gangrel. Gangrel knows what it feels like to be #1 this year after winning the second event. 69 wins, 807 points, 2 tournament wins and best of all this man has soulless aggression! Keep your eyes peeled or you may end up drowned in blood!

    Sami: Next will be the ferocious Seth Rollins (#5) vs the brave “downtown” D’Lo Brown(#4)!

    JBL: This match will without a doubt steal the show! Both these guys have floated around at the top all season long without big success…

    King: But both ended up finding that big win!

    Sami: Contest number three will be the insane Al Snow (#2) taking on the Phenomenal AJ Styles(#7)!

    JBL: I just don’t understand how untalented wastes of time like AJ Styles get so damn lucky to make it here!

    King: 72 wins and 806 points isn’t lucky. To my estimation AJ underperformed!

    JBL: Compare that to Al Snow’s 100 wins, 1138, and three tourney wins! Boy do I need to get one of those ****sucking dolls!

    King: Oh dear.

    Sami: And the main event will feature bad blood that has been steaming for ages. #3 Road Dogg takes on #6 Ken Shamrock in a high stakes main event!

    King: Road Dogg and Ken Shamrock must know each other inside out. They’ve been each others’ most frequent opponents throughout fight club.

    JBL: And they’re the top two guys left in overall points, average finish, and gold medals! At 11 gold medals a piece, each wrestler will be prepared to give it their all in order to gain a huge competitive edge in this grand championship tournament!

    King: It’s plain and simple. They hate each other!

    JBL: Will either man make it out alive?!

    King: Daniel Bryan?! What business does he have out here?!

    Bryan (stage) : I’m the champion! I’m the champion! You’re a fraud!

    Sami (ring) : Bryan?

    Bryan (stage) : You know, I know, everyone in the world knows that I won last season’s grand finals. You know I should be the one out here!

    Sami (ring): Okay. If you have a problem with me, I’m here! What do you say London?! Let’s encourage this angry troll to come to the ring and fight me! Yes! Yes!

    Bryan (walking): Challenge accepted.

    JBL: I admire Bryan but it’s just not smart to fight a battle you don’t have to. That’s coming from the longest ever World Champion of Smackdown!

    King: Bryans a fighter and so is Zayn! Look at them lock up! Back and forth they go! Bryan lays first blood with a 2 count!

    JBL: Still a back and forth fight! Zayn with a knee to the gut of Bryan, Zayn locks him up!

    King: Bryan’s turn it into the No Lock! Will Zayn tap out?!

    JBL: What other choice does he have King? Nothing’s on the line, just tap out!

    King: The crowd is loud for Zayn! He’s givin’ it all he has! Slowly, Zayn has slivered his way out! Running sunset flip!!! It’s all over!!!

    JBL: But he kicks out at 2! What a match!

    King: Zayn powers Bryan into the corner! Zayn’s sizing him up! What the hell?!?! Is that?!... Damien Sandow with a low blow to Zayn! Where was the ref?

    JBL: The referee had to check on the condition of Bryan. He gets paid well to do this!

    King: Bryan connects with two legs to the face of Zayn!

    JBL: Zayn’s out! It’s all over. Daniel Bryan proved his worth against Sami Zayn!

    King: Why Sandow?! Why?

    Bryan (no mic near Zayn) : You’re nothing! I’m the man! I won last tournament! I won again!

    King: Sure Bryan, kick a man while he’s down!

    JBL: But Sandow is getting back in the ring.

    King: What the hell? Damien stop that! It’s a two on one assault!

    JBL: Boy did Zayn wake up on the wrong side of the bed today! How unlucky!

    Sandow (ring) : You’re welcome!


    Sandow (ring) : Sorry fools of the masses but we haven’t the time to procrastinate. Your savior is here and he’s here to dispose of an insolent, dirty, adult entertainment failure—Gangrel. But thus far he does have success back in the ring so I will take this disposal seriously!

    King: Levitating up through the stage. Surrounded in flames! Former tag team champion and gold medal winner, it’s Gangrel!

    JBL: He’s all alone today. With a ruthless yet intelligent man awaiting him in the ring. A combination of pure brilliance!

    King: The bell has rung and Sandow nails him with a right! That’s illegal ref!

    JBL: Everybody gets one! This is a wrestling match for crying out loud!

    King: Sandow on the offensive. Pounding his knees deep into Gangrel’s core.

    JBL: He’s already looking wheezy. How many gigs did this whore have last night?!

    King: Gangrel is down! Sandow picks him up and tosses him into the corner. More knees to the chest!

    JBL: Full speed ahead! Ramming a power knee into the ribs of Gangrel.

    King: Followed up by vicious, manic mudhole stomps in the corner!

    JBL: This is what the entire season has been like. Sandow domination!

    King: Sandow drags Gangrel to his feet. But Gangrel crumbles. I don’t think he’s breathing!!! Get the medical team ASAP!

    JBL: What a wussy. Get up Gangrel!

    King: The ref called for the bell.

    JBL: Sandow lifts up the dead weight and hit the Silencer! Damien wins!

    King: It was already over! That was just a ridiculous act of sportsmanship!

    JBL: But King, in this kind of competition you want to eliminate all potential threats! Remember, it’s double elimination!

    King: That’s right. Here’s a look at the bracket: Sandow vs Dlo/Rollins (winner) Gangrel vs Dlo/Rollins (loser)

    JBL: And that match is now! Well, after the break!

    (priceless JBL face as we return)

    JBL: Look up high! Here come the Shield! Ambrose and Reigns have had quite a bit of success and now it’s time for Rollins! Too bad I just saw that domination by Sandow. Otherwise I’d like Rollins in this grand championship final!

    King: Well, don’t forget, Rollins has had plenty of success vs Sandow. In fact he beat Sandow in three straight matches to capture his only gold of the season. But let’s stop talking about “you’re guys” . What about Downtown D’lo Brown?!

    JBL: That’s so cheesy he’d never make it into Gangrel’s movies!

    King: Get off your phone and pay attention! D’lo is already in charge!

    JBL: It was Vince. I just had to agree with him that Sandow’s impressive performance was good for business!

    King: Oh dear. Consecutive arm drags by D’lo. He’s bringin him downtown!

    JBL: You might as well get on your knees for him and beg to go downtown!

    King: Rollins with a roll up! But a kick out at 2!

    JBL: Rollins won’t let D’lo have a breath! If he hits the 450 splash it’s all over!

    King: D’lo moves! Rollins shaking in shock! Sky High connects! No! Ambrose and Reigns get involved!

    JBL: They’re a unity!

    King: No way! D’lo has back up!

    JBL: That fat lob Mark Henry might finally reach the ring when the Mayans get something right.

    King (Rock’s theme!): Dear Aunt Jemimah! It’s the Rock! The Great one is cleaning house! Rock Bottom to Ambrose! World’s Strongest Slam to Reigns! The Rock is removing the elbow pad, it could only mean one thing!

    JBL: He’s so arrogant and self-centered though! Rollins has rolled up D’lo Brown amidst the confusion! Three count! And the Rock just watched it and Mark Henry just drooled over the greatness of the Rock. Hahahaha!

    King: Rollins wins this time. But the Shield sure did take a beating!

    JBL: Rollins is leaving with his buddies though. They’re strong, they’re just fine! But really, the Nation reunited?! Glad my buddy Ron Simmons isn’t buying into their shenanigans.

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    JBL: Don’t worry Europe, we have Real Americans in action tonight! Haha!

    (cult of personality) CM Punk (walking to ring with huge pop): The best in the world travelled across the pond, right into London and I’m sure as hell pumped to be here!

    JBL: Hats off to CM Punk; a true seasoned Vet in the club. And this season he made it to #1 in all time points, surpassing The Rock and former #1 Rey Mysterio!

    King: The Hurricane?!?! What? Interrupting the best in the world?

    Hurricane (stage): Stand back, I’m about to blow your mind! The citizens of London are about to be saved from the wrath of CM Punk!

    Punk: Let’s go! Let’s find out what these gracious people really deserve!

    JBL: Punk’s just toying with him. Remember, Hurricane nearly made it to the round of 16. What’s he doing King?

    King: Wow! Eye of the Hurricane!

    JBL: Punk kicks out at 2!

    King: Punk’s got him cornered. High knee. Running bulldog! Tribute elbow off the top rope! It’s nap time! Go to Sleep! Punk wins!

    Shamrock (backstage in gym hitting bag sporadically): Road Dogg! Jesse James! I’m gonna pound your head in!

    King: Well that’s that. Here come the Real Americans!

    Zeb(stage): Let’s be honest England. I’ve seen you coming over in your lousy ships and working illegally in the greatest country in the world! All your no-good non-united neighbors do the same thing! Just stay put in this junky-rundown paradise for idiots like all of you!

    Antonio + Jack : We the People!

    King: The crowd is chanting European. You think it’s directed towards Cesaro?

    JBL: Cesaro is more American than you will ever be King! They’re a one of a kind dieing race! Love your country King!

    Justin Roberts: And their partner. Kurt Angle!

    JBL: Oh boy, he’s the face of America. Now this is exciting!

    King: This crowd is extatic for Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett and Jack Swagger have gone through grueling wars during this season. They however both fell just short of the final 8.

    JBL: Still a great accomplishment making the final 16.

    King: A warm London welcome for William Regal!

    Wade (ramp) We’re doing this in the name of England. Better yet, in the name of Europe!

    Justin Roberts: And they’re tag team partner. From Ireland, he is the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus!

    JBL: Swagger doesn’t want any piece of Barrett and I don’t blame him. Cesaro and Barrett will start it out.

    King: Cesaro is in a bad way. Regal in off the tag. Cesaro steals the momentum with a German Suplex! Cesaro Swing!

    JBL: 1,2,3,4 I’m dizzy King. Wow! This is great, I love it! 28 Times, that must be close to a record!

    King: Angle in after Cesaro stumbled over to the tag. Regal managed to tag as well. Sheamus is in! Physical battle ahead!

    JBL: Complete chaos has unsued. I don’t blame the Americans for not likeing the dirty tatics of Sheamus!

    King: He grabbed him by the ear!

    JBL: It was the way he did it, just so uncalled for!

    King: Barrett clears Swagger out of the ring and tumbles down by him. Regal meets the same fate at the hands of Cesaro. The Ref. has no control of this match!

    JBL: Roll up by Angle!

    King: He’s got the tights and the ropes damn it!

    JBL: You got to overcome any odds to win the match. That’s all there is to it! The Americans get the victory!

    Road Dogg (backstage interview)

    Coach: What is your strategy going into your match with Shamrock?

    Road Dogg: First I’m going to rig the lighting system. Then I’m going to douse the ring in gasoline. I figure they’ll fix the problem in about 45 seconds but that gives me plenty of time to get the job done. I’ll be lying ringside selling that Shamrock took advantage of situation. But really, I’m going to throw several lit matches into the ring. Shamrock will be history! But all joking aside, why should I tell a nosy guy like you the strategy of champions!

    Coach: I see.

    Road Dogg: Obviously you don’t see. I’ll make it clear-er to you. P to the U to the M to the P to the H to the A to the N to the D to the L to the E plus slam. Then I’ll pin him and win!

    King: Crazy Al is out here.

    Al Snow: For every single underdog that ever lived. For every single jobber that ever lived—and obviously did a god awful job! I’m gonna round them all up, put them in a mud pool, and make them oink like pigs! Then I’m gonna unleash my trusty whip and give them thiry lashes! No 50 lashes each. Then Head will keep my whip safe backstage before the match. Then I’m gonna tear BJ Styles to shreds! Then Head will grab onto my whip and hand it back to me and if you filthy Brits keep saying those horrible things to a stand-up guy like Al Snow, Al Snow is going bust out Old Faithful, my trusty whip, and riot into the crowd!

    King: Cut this guy off!

    JBL: It’s brilliant! AJ Styles will surely piss his pants before stepping in the ring with Insane Al!

    King: He can’t bring that TNA Championship here! But how can I side with Looney tunes. GAHHH!

    JBL: You’re going crazy King! Heard Al needs a new partner. God King call the damn match, these blind mice have no idea what is going on! Spiral Tap and it’s over. Styles won the match and they know is he won with a Spiral tap. You should be fired!


    JBL: Had to give King crazy meds so he could help me out for the main event!

    King: I’m back! Road Dogg vs Ken Shamrock. Big fight feel in the air!

    JBL: Feels like dirt to me. What a dump this place is! Thank heavens a great main event is underway.

    King: Road Dogg with classic jabs.

    JBL: He’s just dancing around in there. How’s that affecting the World’s Most Dangerous man? Get him! Tackle him Shamrock!

    King: Shamrock looks like he’s gonna bite his head off! My oh my oh me! Headlock applied. Will Road Dogg answer to the count?! There’s life in the man! Quick DDT and both men are down!

    JBL: Shamrock ducked, off the ropes, running belly to belly!

    King: Road Dogg gets a foot up on the rope to break 3!

    JBL: He’s got the ankle though! Road Dogg rolls through. Sleeper! Don’t fall asleep now!

    King: Shamrock bulges out!

    JBL: Listen to yourself! Fall-away Slam! But he’s got goes straight for the Ankle!

    King: It’s gonna break! It’s gonna break!

    JBL: I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Road Dogg slips out again.

    King: What a shot to the jaw of Road Dogg! From seemingly nowhere!

    JBL: It’s from experiences. These guys just know each other’s tendencies and Shamrock stays a step ahead.

    King: Shamrock’s got the Ankle! Road Dogg taps! Shamrock won’t release!

    JBL: The referee’s are here to do their job though!

    King: It took 6 officials to finally break it up! That’s just not in the job description.

    JBL: Oh well. Life’s tough. And so is Shamrock! Shamrock is a man on a rend, he won the first ever 128 man tournament so this could be just an appetizer for the man addicted to dishing out pain!

    King: Here’s a preview of a few of next week’s matches:

    #1 Sandow vs #5 Rollins
    #6 Shamrock vs #7 AJ Styles

    #8 Gangrel vs #4 D’lo Brown
    #3 Road Dogg vs #2 Al Snow

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    GFC #2

    JBL: Can you believe it King?! The match is already starting and we’re already on the air!

    King: The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles locks up with…

    JBL: The man addicted to dishing out pain! Ken Shamrock!

    King: AJ on the offensive. Drop Kick from the top rope!

    JBL: Shamrock is back up!

    King: Brainbuster on the top rope! Cover him AJ!

    JBL: 2!

    JBL: Uh oh, Shamrock snuck up on AJ! He’s grabbed the ankle! He’s got him down! There’s nowhere for AJ to go.

    King: His ankle’s going to snap!

    JBL: So wise of AJ, he taps out! Shamrock is the winner!

    King: Shamrock won’t let go!!! What the hell!!!?!

    JBL: What the hell? The Shield are here King! Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins!

    King: Shamrock retreats. He doesn’t want a piece of the Shield.

    Ambrose: There is only one reason the Shield is out here.

    Reigns: Rock, get your ass out here!

    Ambrose: Now, we usually don’t call people out, it’s part of our strict business code. But we’re here in a poor city, home of the cornfields, Omaha Nebraska! Now does the Rock strike you as a person that will stoop down to the level of Nebraskans and show his face in this pig pen? But the Rock isn’t just afraid of some nobody town…

    Reigns: He fears the Shield!

    Rollins: Where’s the people’s hero now? Playing hide-n-go seek? Is the Rock a child?! I just think so!

    King: Remember, The Rock thwarted the Shield’s plans last week in Rollins’ match against D’lo Brown.

    JBL: But he failed. Rollins was victorious! Seth Rollins faces Damien Sandow later tonight in the main event!

    King: It’s Mark Henry! Mark, don’t do this! The odds aren’t in your favor!

    JBL: He’s sticking up for his friend that’s too big of a star to come to Omaha!

    King: It’s Sami Zayn!

    Sami: I’ve been told directly by the boss that right now, it will be myself teaming with Mark Henry to face Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose!

    King: What a match! What a treat for this ecstatic crowd in Omaha!

    King: Seth Rollins has shaken the hands of his comrades. He’s headed to the back! This is going to be a fair two on two battle!

    JBL: Look at this! The savage beast Roman Reigns looks to start it off with Mark Henry!

    King: This is about to explode!

    JBL: Reigns is firing his ammo off at Henry. This must be taking a toll on Mark Henry!

    King: I beg to differ! Henry’s got an answer with fists of his own! Big Scoop slam! Two count!

    JBL: Uh oh, trouble for Mark Henry! Countered into the Shield’s corner!

    King: Ambrose like a dog, tagged in for the double team!

    JBL: In and out, wearing down the big man! Henry must be ready to surrender!

    King: No chance! Look at this, Henry caught Ambrose! World’s Strongest Slam!

    JBL: But Henry is tanked!

    King: He needs to make a tag! The crowd is on their feet for Sami Zayn! Henry is inches closer! WHAT?!?! Daniel Bryan just took Zayn’s feet out from underneath him! Where’s the ref?!

    JBL: Reigns looks hurt in the corner, he’s doing his job King!

    King: Furious kicks to the midsection, Bryan follows it up with running double kick to the chest of Zayn! Zayn is out cold!

    JBL: Careful Ambrose, Henry’s back up! Wisely, Ambrose manages to make a tag!

    JBL: Full speed ahead! Like a truck! Spear! Sweeping Henry’s feet from underneath him! The Shield is victorious!

    King: Daniel Bryan just can’t get it through his head that Zayn was crowned season 17 winner!

    JBL: But King. The Shield knocked off another powerful team! Nothing can stop the Shield!

    King: We’ll see about that. It’s just been announced that at the Grand Finals The Shield will take on the team of Mark Henry and the Rock!

    Sandow (backstage): Rollins, mere mortals like yourself have attempted to dethrone the great savior of the masses, Damien Sandow, all season long! But you have the Shield at your disposal. The most dominate team in ages and you choose to single yourself out and fight me one on one? At least I realize already that my opponent tonight is the court’s jester! You’re welcome!

    King: Confident words from Damien Sandow.

    JBL: You never know with the Shield. Their actions speak much louder than words!

    King: It’s time for another tournament match!

    JBL: Loser goes home! It sure feels like March!

    King: Road Dogg vs Al Snow.

    Ding. Ding. Ding.

    King: Road Dogg limped all the way down the ramp. It’s possible that Shamrock broke has damn ankle!

    JBL: You gotta be tough Jerry! I’m sure he’ll man up if he wants to win this fight!

    King: What on god’s green earth is going on. Al Snow is bowing down to Road Dogg!

    JBL: Befuddlement! Road Dogg’s got no idea what to do!

    King: What? Al Snow is headbutting the injured ankle!

    JBL: With rage!

    King: Road Dogg is wailing in pain!

    JBL: Insane Al’s is trying to make babies with his leg! Priceless entertainment!

    King: Weirdo! Al better be careful. Indecent exposure is an automatic disqualification.

    JBL: Must have heard you. Al Snow pins for the win!

    Al (screaming): Who wants head?!?!Who wants head?!?! Who wants head?!?!

    King: Al just chucked Head into the crowd.

    JBL: Watch out little Jimmy!

    King: Pretending that didn’t happen… It’s the best in the world! CM Punk!

    CM Punk(ring): It’s an honor and a privileged to be recognized as #1 in the fight club over 17 completed seasons! It’s an extended honor to be able to face the man I passed for the #1 spot, Rey Mysterio!

    King: What a display of honor. A hand shake before the match!

    JBL: Mysterio is still bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean!

    King: Punk finally able to slow him down! Roundhouse kick! Go to Sleep! Punk wins!

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    GFC #2 Part 2

    JBL: Who the hell let Mankind in the building! I told you to lock the doors, Jerry!

    King: Mankind is a living legend that deserves respect!

    JBL: More like a living legend that shouldn’t be living!

    Mankind (ring, whiny crying voice): I’ve been through wars, I’ve cried my own blood for this business… hell I’ve walked down to the street with 101 tacks in my back in search of drugs at Walgreens! Everything I’ve given is just too much! I quit! But I have one last offer! This fight club.. it needs a legitimate champion! And I’m willing to put my body through hell and high water for just one more lick of championship gold. My suggestion:

    A 8 man qualifier at the grand finale event in Madrid! Not any ordinary 8 man qualifier, but a three stages of hell qualifier. This will separate the men from the superstars from the legends! The first stage of hell… Money in the Bank! The briefcase will contain a contract to the championship match! The next stage… a capture the flag cage match! And the last 6 men will step into an elimination chamber! May one man survive, hmm, or I hope three! Have a nice day!

    JBL: What the **** is a capture the flag cage match?!

    King: I have the rules right here. I’ve been assigned to step into the ring and share with the universe!

    King (ring) : After one man has won the money in the bank stage, 7 men will start inside a steel cage! Now a briefcase will sit in front of the titantron on the stage. The first man to successfully capture the briefcase and bring it back inside the ring, with both feet inside the ring, is declared the winner!

    JBL: Sounds like a gruesome one! I wouldn’t be surprised if complete chaos ensues!

    King: Word is it’s going to be a star-studded match! 8 of the biggest names of all time!

    JBL: But how could possibly make this a star-studded match without JBL?! Haha. But really, I wonder who’s going to compete!


    JBL: With both D’lo Brown and Gangrel coming off a loss… it’s win or go home!

    King: This match might be about who is in better condition after last week.

    JBL: Both are struggling but it’s back and forth and they’re here to be winners!

    King: Gangrel looks tanked! His ribs really got kicked in last week!

    JBL: Lo Down! It’s over! D’Lo Brown goes downtown and wins against the porn star!

    King: Oh boy. Surely Gangrel has been sent packing though! You think he’ll be a participant in the big 8 man three stages of hell match?

    JBL: Not a friggin chance!

    King: Moving on. Let’s take a look at the bracket.

    Shamrock vs Rollins/Sandow
    D’Lo Brown vs Al Snow
    AJ Styles vs Rollins/Sandow

    JBL: Why wait another minute. I’ve already doused my face with corn on the cob! Was forced to do it by these damn people! I hate corn and Korn!

    (split screen showing Sandow and Rollins both preparing)

    (Ambrose and Reigns are shown getting into a car and leaving the arena.)

    JBL: Here comes Damien Sandow! The scholar on a rampage! A convincing walk of champions!

    King: Seth Rollins is entering the arena through the crowd. Stops about half way to get a good look at Damien.

    JBL: He’s hesitant Jerry! I don’t think he’s ready for such a big solo match! Rollins is about to step into the ring with Damien Sandow!

    King: Leaping over the barricade and into the ring! Fast paced match off the get-go. Rollins unleashing everything he has!

    JBL: That’s how you get tired! What is he doing!

    King: Rollins is young and doesn’t require much time to restore his energy. Spinning heel kick catches Sandow square! Cover for 2!

    JBL: Sandow’s gained control. He’s got him bent over, Jerry! Elbows to the back! Knees to the chest! That’ll take the breath right out of you!

    King: Sandow just spun him around, both feet off the ground, then drove his pointy knees in a guillotine form to the chest!

    JBL: It’s over! Oh! Kick out at 2!

    King: Rollins needs to find a way to fight out of this up close style of Sandow. Hold after hold. Rollins flails around desperately for some help! Rollins is trying to break free!

    JBL: Sandow is not going to let go of his leg!

    King: Turning enziguiri catches Sandow square in the face!

    JBL: Sandow’s right back up!

    King: Agile is Rollins, Rollins trips him into the turnbuckle. Powerbomb into the turnbuckle! Pinfall!

    JBL: Kicks out at 2!

    King: Rollins on the attack now! Shifting his pain onto Sandow!

    JBL: Sandow caught him, corkscrew neckbreaker! Elbow of disdain, Sandow’s gonna hit it!

    King: Rollins has snuck around and rolled up him!!! 1,2…. And a kick out at 2 and 3/4s!

    JBL: What a match !

    King: Springboard standing moonsault off the ropes by Rollins!

    JBL: But Sandow caught him!

    King: Rollins turns it into a reverse DDT! Rollins’ eyes are set on the top rope!

    JBL: Damien, you better move! Damien look out!!

    King: Damien avoids the 450 splash! A weak one-arm cover… 1,2 and a kick out! Rollins slides him over though! 1,2,3!!! Rollins did it! Rollins pinned Damien Sandow! He’s not invincible!

    JBL: There’s no way! He had the ropes! Tights were hooked, come on ref!

    King: You’re delusional! Rollins did it all alone!

    JBL: Lucky though! Well, you have to give Rollins credit. He pinned the hottest star in the club!

    King: Good night everyone!


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