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    'I'm not going to pay for the Network if Batista wins the Rumble.'

    Ha! Drive By IWC makes me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    'I'm not going to pay for the Network if Batista wins the Rumble.'

    Ha! Drive By IWC makes me laugh.
    Lol they either want it to be Punk, or Bryan. Though I would love to see it, I won't throw a fit if Batista wins. Since regardless of what happens, I'm sure both Punk and Bryan will have huge WM matches this year.

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    We all know Sting debuts and wins the Rumble.

    Him or the Shockmaster.

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    Tonight's Rumble?! Your opinion!

    Hi all, quick one really!I hope we get a surprise tonight but all fingers point to Batista winning the Rumble (unless he fights Orton at WM minus the title)... Who do you want to see having a good performance in the Rumble match?Looks like Reigns will have a strong performance, I would like to see Big E have a strong showing too! I would also like Dean Ambrose have a quirky stint, like Road Dogg in 2000, holding onto the turnbuckle etc to stay in late....Finally, CM Punk, I want him to win it but if not then I think getting him screwed by the authority at the end so that he doesn't win from number 1 would really set up a fight with HHH at WM... What do you lot think?

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    Black Ninja! Dennis's Avatar
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    I'm going to be honest, I do not see Batista winning.

    Punk is the more likely option to me. Daniel Bryan could be a surprise entrant at number 30 who ends up winning it.

    As far as dominate performances, just watch out for Reigns and Big E... They are going go make a mark on this match, that's almost a certainty.

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    I hope that someone else gets to do a John Morrison or Kofi Kingston style performance, Seth Rollins might be a candidate but that might get him cheered and they probably want to keep him heel, maybe Xavier Woods?

    I'd like to see someone dominate for a while like Nash or Kane did, and for that it would want to be a heel so Reigns or Ryback (hopefully Reigns) to set them up as a threat to everyone.

    I see Punk getting 60 minutes or more in the ring and I hope for a Christian return. As for a winner I don't really care all that much because I'm not interested in either possible champion coming out of the title match at this event. As the winner of the rumble should get a match with one of them unless something goes down at Extreme Rules which could lead to an interesting title match at Mania

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    If Batista wins, does he deserve to be a two-time royal rumble winner?

    Basically the topic. Let's say that Batista does win, does he deserve to be in the ranks of Stone Cold, HBK, Hogan and Cena?

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    Yes, Batista is a gifted and entertaining wrestler who deserves all the success he's had and more in the future.
    I'm hoping for a fresh winner but I'd be more than happy if it's Batista.

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    I can't say there is anybody else who deserves to be shot into the main event like that. If Batista does win sure why not even though he just came back. I mean with only the one major title now the winner is most likely getting a match for the major title unless they write out the winner or something and they need the star power. Also with the one title I don't see any member of the Shield or any younger talent winning a RR at this stage in their careers so I don't mind Batista getting the win. The talent I could see getting the win would be Punk, Batista, Sheamus, Cena, and a potential Daniel Bryan if he is in the match but apparently not this year. If they do decide on a younger talent winning and trying to be pushed to Wrestlemania it's probably Reigns or Wyatt. I don't think Batista should be put into those ranks of winning the Royal Rumble but at this current stage of WWE they don't really have a whole lot of choices.

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    this royal rumble could be very exciting, even with little hype. there are many good choices to win the rumble. punk being number 1 is already a story itself. is kane part of the royal rumble? i would like to see hhh put himself in the rumble, or maybe be part of it. this here could set hhh vs punk at WM. who else needs a win that would elevate them?

    its a tough call on who will be the favorite

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