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    Subtitle Booker T please............

    I don't know if I am the only one that does not get to understand Booker. I don't like Cole, but out of the storylines he calls well the match, and so does Josh Mathews, but Booker?? I don't get to understand him, there must be another star todo that job better than him, and leave him as a trainer in Tough Enough.

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    Couldn't agree more
    I just feel he doesn't even belong to the announce table. Sure the guy has charisma but it's really hard to understand what he says. He should be in the ring, he still has a couple of years left in him, he could form a tag team with R-truth
    Or use him to elevate midcarders

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    yea i have trouble understanding what he says
    i dont know if with the years going by he will get any better bcuz that's booker's way of doesnt matter to anyone if what u say is bad or good if the stuff u say cant be heard properly then ur pretty much tied up

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    Sorry just you he was fine to me anyone that can shut up cole is always fine with me but give booker some time you can't expect perfect right out the gate

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    I was just about to write a thread for this. I cant understand a lot of what he says when hes announcing. Listening to him he seemed like he didn't even know what he was talking about, shame because I thought Booker had big potential for commentating.

    Also on the topic of commentating, Michael Cole is fantastic. I love his heel character. I haven't had this much fun listening to commentary since the Cole/ JBL days. But Cole kinda downplayed his heel persona last night, except from the Miz match, which was kinda disappointing.

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    Booker isn't that bad at commentary. He seems to know his stuff better than Cole. He'l use slang often, but its not difficult to interpret, and understand.

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    Give him time, hes still relatively new to this.

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    I understand him. He is not that bad.

    I am surprised that WWE didn't do anything with his "WHAT THE HELL?"

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    I'll be honest, I don't find Booker that hard to understand. I'm enjoying his commentary. He's funny, charismatic and he actually calls the action, and is calling the moves by their actually names (i.e. he calls a 'nice scoop slam', or 'nice bulldog' when other commentators would just say 'nice slam').
    I also want to see Booker used in the ring as much as possible, but he's not awful on commentary.
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    You think he is bad??? He speaks fine to me, I think Cole tries to talk over the top of him.

    You should've heard him when MEM took over Impact one night and he was play by play commentator under the alias of Black Snow. Funny as hell but you couldn't understand him.


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