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    It's not about price... it's about VALUE.
    I'm not going to fool myself into thinking this is a GREAT Wrestlemania.
    Let's be honest... it isn't.

    My thoughts on the supposed matches already set for WM:

    The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE title
    Outside of The Rock, what's to see here? I'm loving The Miz (Did I just lose my IWC cred)... But yet ANOTHER "Cena for the Title" match at a PPV. yawn. Unless this is his heel turn it'll be a snoozefest. My Predicition? Cena's car gets knocked over by an oversized rack of brontosaurus ribs. Miz bangs Wilma.

    Undertaker vs. HHH
    One's ready to retire, the other should retire (you figure it out.). I Love(d) both these guys. I thought The Game was the best in the biz for a long time, but this match has been shoe horned in (By The Game himself, no doubt. Forget story lines or, you know, anything else the two have done in the past year or so and let;s just throw them together because, well, what else do we have?)- My prediction? HHH breaks the streak. (or is that a WISH?) And then proceeds to bury anyone threatening or who hasn't bought and watched "The Chaperone" at LEAST 8 times.

    Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World heavyweight title
    STOP SHOVING ADR DOWN MY THROAT! I'm not buying it. Boring character. Edge looks about as good as Charlie Sheen right now (Tiger Blood? Or is he a Warlock... no, wait, he's a vampire.... non-sparkly.) Let me guess... there will be a spear involved (as well as edges gut hanging over his trunks. Is it me or does Edge have about as much definition as the word "THJHDJKECKNCEK"?). My Predicition? ADR wins... Now shoved so far down my throat that his boot laces are hanging out of my ass. Mexican drug cartels call temporary ceasefire to celebrate.

    C.M. Punk vs. Randy Orton
    Finally, a match worth watching. What can I say about this one? Punk rules. Orton... well, Orton does SOMEthing. It should be good. (Plus the Writers love Orton... his "punt" should be renamed the"Future endeavor". My Prediciton? Punk wins. IWC calls ceasefire to celebrate.

    John Morrison & Trish Stratus & Kelly Kelly vs. Dolph Ziggler & Layla & Michelle McCool
    "Ok, listen up. When I pull your name out of this hat you will line up eaither to the left or the right of me. Try to look excited."
    Botch fest 2011. (Val Kilmer v Mark Wahlberg. sweet.) my prediciton? Snack/bathroom break-- Did I just hear Vicki G?

    Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Big Show & Kane & Kofi Kingston & Christian
    Yaya, Christians back! (to the midcard!!). I have an idea... let's not defend the Tag belts! Let's have a clusterf&*$ of a match mid show. (Wasn't Kane the CHAMPION, like, not THAT long ago?? Oh how the mighty have fallen.) This is going to be a HIGHLIGHT REEL of a match. My prediction? LET'S PUT OVER THE CORRE! (why?) Oh, And Zeke by having him DOMINATE Show. Isn't this match on smackdown every week? Surprised Kofi isn't wrestling for the IC belt. Isn't that explicitly in the PPV contract? "Kofi must wrestle for and lose the IC title at every PPV for the rest of his career." The CORRES is then disbanded to form a new stable "The New Corre".

    Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
    "We need to put Rey in a match... The kids love him". A match that accomplishes absolutely nothing. My Prediciton? Rey gets hurt. (sin Cara comes in, takes a crap on Rey's chest "A Guadalajara steamer".)

    Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Jack Swagger in Cole’s corner and Steve Austin as referee
    Hey... Let's have an actual ACCOMPLISHED WRESTLER face off against the embodiment of a yeast infection, oh AND give Swagger heat/credibility by using Austin like can of sterno. My prediciton? Swagger is the GM! ugh. Oh, Lawler loses. Blames dead mother. Offers to frost Coles tips after the match. Austin drinks beer (tries to not assault current lady friend.)

    Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus with Gail Kim in Bryan’s corner and the Bellas in Sheamus’ corner
    Dunn says Sheamus loses in the most embarassing fashion possible while STILL burying Bryan. A feat unmatched in the annals of WM history. Thery should wrestle this match MMORPG rules... Dragon vs Ghost King. I rolled a 16. LIGHTENING BOLT! LIGHTENING BOLT! My prediction? Sheamus loses and the crowd goes mild.

    WWE Divas Match
    Unless this is the debut of KONG and she flattens the hell out of this models I'll SUE! My Prediction? A diva breaks her neck doing running bulldog.

    Yay... this is a thouroughly underwhelming card.

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