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  • Matt Hardy

    7 41.18%
  • Evan Bourne

    5 29.41%
  • Mark Henry

    2 11.76%
  • John Morrisson

    3 17.65%
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    Matt Hardy to TNA? Who ELSE from WWE should head to TNA?

    Having just read the story on Matt Hardy possibly going to TNA it got me thinking...
    Who else should go from the WWE to TNA? (Just to clarify, I don't really think 90% of these guys WOULD go nor would I think WWE would LET them. On top of that I'm not sure TNA would want them or use them correctly. I'm dealing in hypotheticals here so just go with it. )

    1. Evan Bourne (A former TNA wrestler. Could go back now having had greater exposure. Has the skills for the type of matches TNA likes to put on. Has had amazing matches with Styles in the past.)

    . The Uso's (Young, still pretty green. TNA's tag division is head and shoulders above WWE and their style matches well with those teams already established there.)

    3. John Morrisson (could be main eventing over there. Has the style and attitude for TNA.)

    4. Mark Henry (being wasted in WWE. Could make an impact-no pun intended- on the heavyweight division.)

    5. Big Show (if he wasn't making WWE movies. Obvious draw. TNA needs a monster face counterpart to Abyss.)

    6. Chavo Guerrero (Another wasted talent. Could be putting on great matches in TNA. Could work with
    younger talent. Style fits better with TNA wrestling.)

    7. Christian (WWE has dropped the ball BIG TIME on this guy. Deserves to be in the title picture.)

    8. Shad and JTG (more tag competition. WAY over with fans. Good for expanding the fanbase. possible stable with The Pope.)

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    i totally agree with u on this...but u see tna has home grown talent and this guys better help them put them over if they go over there maybe in nice feuds and not just burry the tna talent...i agree althought any of this could make a fine addition to tna roster i am sick of outside people coming and burrying tna talent...just gotta know ur in tna cuz u was miss used and now ur doing the same thing to other people and gotta help them put them over a bit...but i like this...very well thouight ideas

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    You're overlooking the fact that TNA is already overloaded with talent already. Their obvious booking issues with so many 'top' guys and lack of any discernable direction towards any future cohesion in storylines would mean any new talent acquired from here would have to go to the back of the line.

    My opinion? All these 'legends', 'greats' & 'Hall of Famers' should rack off and start their own promotion - OMW (Old Man Wrestling). It could even be a TNA affiliate promotion - like a brand split that actually worked. TNA should be about the present and the future. Matt Hardy could get a look in if not for all these 'stars of yesteryear' hogging tv time and injecting themselves into main events and title situations. IMO

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    i think daniel bryan should go to tna just because of the fact that tna would have big things for him i hope also because it already looks like he won't have a fair shot in wwe

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    OMW sounds like it wold be funny to watch, but I suggest that most of them should have stayed retired.

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    the only 2 i see that should go to tna is matt and chavo, chavo has been wasted for the last 2 years being vickies little stooge and is much better than what wwe has been giving him and matt would may get a main event push in tna because of what he has done in the past

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    The only reason WWE doesn't push Morrison or Bourne is because if they did their mid card would be seriously lacking.

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    Guys TNA couldnt handle anymore talent..rememberwhat happened in WCW towards the end Hogan,Nash,Sting Flair etc ruled the show and what happened...the young stars were geting no exposure and jumped to WWE Benoit. Bischoff was on a power trip and couldnt see the bigger picTURE, TNA need to start using the younger stars and getting rid of the hogan gang

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    Morrison is going to be WWE champion in two years i can see that happening, They give him a push then let him die down abit, then another push then the same. Guessing its to keep him at the top end while waiting for the right time to make him champion, His match against sheamus was fantastic. (Almost a good as angle vs hardy)

    He's main evented now a few time's even on PPV ok its been elimination matches etc, but still its main event status. so i can't see nor do i want him to leave WWE, He's 1 of the guys i like to see perform on raw each week.

    The rest can go to do whatever not really intrested in them except big show, but christian should never of left tna.

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