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    NXT Your Rankings

    What is says on the tin. How do you rank the guys currently left in the competition.

    My top three:

    1: Alex Riley. He has the look and ability on the mic to be a WORLD champion at some point, he's pretty decent in the ring too. In a nut shell, the Miz might be flavour of the month at the minute but this guy out Mizs the Miz in every conceivable way.

    2: Michael McGuillicutty. If I'd only seen him on NXT then I'd probably be disappointed... but I haven't. In FCW they encouraged him to be his fathers son and this guy is decent. Over the last few weeks he's been showing some flashes of what he's really about, hopefully he'll show his true potential before the season is over.

    3: Kaval. I don't need to say anything about him do I?

    Also ran: Husky Harris. I liked his old school look and style from the moment I first saw him, unfortunately he doesn't seem to be showing anything more than he did at the start. He smiles too much for an angry guy, is poor on the mic and generally is being a disapointment.

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    1. Alex Reiley This guy has been very close to breaking big several times. I've seen him wrestle at Raw house shows several times, as they seem to have been grooming him for years. Even if Alex doesn't come through on NXT I don't see WWE keeping him in FCW for long. The guy has a gift on the mic. just needs to tone it down a bit, and he looks great in the ring! The Gimmick needs work, I can't imagine a WWE Champion wearing his little Jock Vest, calling Triple H a "geekwad!" in the build up to WrestleMania. Though with WWE-PG you can never know for sure.

    2. Kaval Boring on the mic. but the best in the ring. His promo's do nothing for me, he's a pretty awful actor as far as seeming genuine with a microphone, but you don't HAVE to be great on the mic. if your ring ability can back it up, which is proved time and time again on WWE.

    3. Husky Harris He's just got something I love. I like his look, I like his attitude, I like his voice, and the heat he can get is fantastic. He could be used well, and now that we lost Jimmy Wang Yang and JBL we don't have a cowboy gimmick anymore! GASP!
    Spectacular! Spectacular!

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    I'm voting for Michael Mcgili... I'm calling him joe Henning, as i can not be bothered to spell that ridiculous name!! He's great on the mic (reminds me of Mr Kennedy.....Kennedy!) and he's great in the ring!!
    Kaval is the obvious favourite of the crowd, and Alex Riley has deffinately impressed me, and he has at times taken the spotlight from Miz (which is great)!! I think Husky Harris has been brilliant too, an excellent heel for the future!! Percy Watson has awesome athletic skills, and i'm glad his gimmick has been toned down slightly in recent weeks.

    As I said, I'm voting for Joe Henning, but I think Alex Riley will win it, he was the early favorite to win. I honestly think all the guys left potentially have a future in WWE. Kaval, Henning and Harris definitely have, even if they don't win NXT, Watson might need another year or so in FCW.
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    1. Husky Harris
    2. Hennigs Son
    3. Low Ki

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    1. Michael McGuillicutty- He really seems to be the full package. He's got the look, the ring ability, and seems like a natural on the mic. His character needs a little work, but he's best of the pack in my opinion.

    2. Kaval- This is really kind of self explanitory. Every match he's been in has made him and his opponent look like a million bucks. He made Eli Cottonwood have a good match. Who else would be able to do that? He's obviously over enough to win the competition, but I don't want to give him the top spot because of his work on the mic.

    3. Alex Riley- The Miz 2.0 has impressed me. He could be a step up from Miz if he's given the time. One thing that I would love to see him do down the road is team with the Miz and go after the tag titles. They looked natural walking to the ring on NXT. Like Miz however, he needs a bit more improvement in the ring.

    4. Husky Harris- I thought he was going to be terrible at first, but he's really impressed me. His character has become the most developed and I like the idea of him being a gigantic wrecking ball. He could easily be turned into WWE's own version of Samoa Joe (looking at how agile the guy is).

    5. Percy Watson- I actually don't hate him as much as some people do. I always find myself laughing when he's doing a promo. With that being said I can understand why people don't find him entertaining, and he has had little to no development since the show started. He seems really one dimensional.

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    1 Alex Riley
    He could be miz his twin brother, and since im a big fan of the miz its natural i like him to. he's got the looks, the mic skills and a sense of humour. his wrestling skills could be better but its still good.

    2 Kaval
    The voice of God.. more like the opposite of Alex Riley. Great in the ring but not that great on the mic. and very over with the fans.

    3 Joe Hennig and Husky Harris

    Can't decide between these two. Joe Hennig is good on the mic and good in the ring, nothing bad but nothing spectacular either. now Husky Harris is something different. he sets himself apart from the group, he has an attitude and is pretty athletic for the way he is build.

    4 Percy Watson
    God, i dont like this guy.. i can see why people enjoy looking at him because of his charisma but it just really does not appeal to me.

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    If anyone but Alex Riley or Kaval wins this, it'll be a tragedy. Alex Riley is excellent on the mic and a pretty decent wrestler. Kaval is the opposite, excellent wrestler, pretty decent on the mic.

    I hope Percy Watson goes away forever.

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    I would have to go with Joe Henning or Kaval(his new name is decent) coming out on top.
    Henning is great in the ring and pretty good on the mic, while Kaval is even greater in the ring and ok on the mic(voice of God, lol). I honestly thought teaming him up with Laycool would be pretty stupid- but it actually works in some weird way.
    For a big guy Husky Harris impresses me alot.
    Alex Riley- this guy is great on the mic- and he will just get better and better.
    But with all things like this that WWE does- most or all of them will get contracts.

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    Alex Riley has "it". He just needs to drop that lame ass varsity jacket

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    Yes. The jacket was good when we were getting to know his gimmick. Now, not needed. Lose the jacket, keep the attitude. Love the "You're dismissed!" as he hits the finisher. Perfect exclamation mark.


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