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    WWE NXT Season 2 Discusstion Thread

    Though it would be a good idea to create threads for each WWE show.

    Discuss all things NXT Season 2 here.
    i.e. Latest feuds, views on current stories, who should get a push, who should be turned face/heel etc...
    "Well Ya Know Sumthin Mean Gene....???"

    "Would You Please SHUT...THE HELL...UP!"

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    Might be an idea to spell "discussion" properly then...

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    Who thinks the season 2 rookies will be as lucky as season 1, who all (except DB) got called up to the main roster? I don't think WWE can afford to keep promoting talent from FCW at this rate, there won't be anyone left down there! And besides, if you were a wrestler who lost on NXT and was relegated back to FCW, what do you think your chances are at getting another shot? Slim to none.

    The real problem with NXT is the rapid pace they set the show and eliminations.

    Bring back Eli Cottonwood!!!

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    Its a damn shame if all the NXT season 2 rookies dont get jobs because the large majority of them have a lot more character than any of the season 1 lot.
    That post was vintage Damon Ivey!

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    I agree with that, question is though, how was Alex Riley ranked so low? The guy is the complete package!

    Also, Cottonwood is up there with El Gigante/Giant Gonzales in terms of being truly terrible... The guy makes The Great Khali look mobile!

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    I pray to god that alex riley wins, kaval and hennig will get in the wwe without nxt anyway. and then we come to husky harris, i like the guy he looks different he has an attitude and i hope he ends up in the wwe aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Watcher View Post
    Might be an idea to spell "discussion" properly then...
    Lmao, only just noticed it, what a nob i am ive misspelt it on all three show threads.
    "Well Ya Know Sumthin Mean Gene....???"

    "Would You Please SHUT...THE HELL...UP!"

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    haha i only noticed it now.

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    My thoughts on NXT 2.0 to this point:

    So far the eliminations on NXT have been predictable. It was pretty obvious from the get go that Riley, Henig, Kaval, and Husky Harris were going the top 4 in the competition and would be the ones to stick around the longest.

    Percy Watson has been a nice suprise as when my first take on the guy was "theres no way this guy gets taken seriously" but once he gets in the ring hes not bad. The only real thing I have negative to say about him is his facial expressions. Honestly, he looks kinda retarded.

    I thought this season was going to be rushed and that these guys wouldnt have a fair amount of time to get over, but that hasnt been the case. Although I think you can make an argument that they still deserve more time then they're getting, but you can't complain about the time they've got.

    It should be interesting next week with 2 eliminations. Percy Watson is gone for sure. And as much as I like him, I think the other one going home is going to be Husky Harris. Husky Harris is really good, but with Kaval getting the fan vote and the fact that Riley and Henig have been the 2 best competitors this season hands down, Harris' run on NXT looks to be coming to an end.

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    I don't watch NXT. Michael Cole is the most annoying mf out there in wrestling right now. "The Miz is the Bill Parcells of coaching!" Oh really Cole? If he's so good, how come his coaching record is something like 4-13. Pretty sure Bill Parcells didn't have a record like that. \

    I would like to see Kaval or Henning (I refuse to call him Milgillicutty) win or perhaps Alex Riley but then I'd have to suffer through Michael Cole.


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