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    Lightbulb Bound For Glory Prediction Results!

    Not a bad PPV at all some finishes were questionable though. EC3 could be a great character imo. Congrats to Peter Avalon!

    Way the contest was scored:

    Preshow: Bro-Mans won the gauntlet.
    XDC: Chris Sabin wins and is the new X Division Champion.
    TTC: Bro-Mans, Pin, No Interference
    KC: Gail Kim, Pin, Interference New Knockouts Champion.
    Grudge: Bobby Roode, Pin, No Interference
    MEMS: Magnus, Sub, No Interference
    WHC: Styles, Pin
    TTG: Mexijet eliminated first.
    TTG: Bad Influence eliminated second.
    K3W: Brooke was pinned.
    Title Changes: 4 (X Division, Tag Team, Knockout, WH)


    (Winner, Correct Finish & Interference 100%)
    Most Predicted: WH Championship 13/19
    Least Predicted: Magnus vs Sting 0/19!!

    MVPs of Bound For Glory: CM Rock-Austin & Merce Meddux with 3.

    Average Score of Bound For Glory: 74. Are you better than average?

    And with that the Results:

    (01) Darkside Ron Garvin: 110 pts
    (02) CM Rock-Austin: 105 pts
    (03) Merce Meddux: 96 pts
    (04) steveorton: 90 pts
    (05) manahl: 85 pts
    (06) Greekcian: 83 pts
    (07) Shaz11: 81 pts
    (==) DK Wrestling Savior: 81 pts
    (08) kersh: 72 pts
    (09) I4talent: 71 pts
    (==) Cabers: 71 pts
    (10): Am I Strange?: 69 pts
    (11) grave: 63 pts
    (==) Rick Taylor: 63 pts
    (12) Kastro121: 61 pts
    (13) trips: 54 pts
    (14) butch magnus: 52 pts
    (15) TeamHellYes: 46 pts
    (16) monctonvike: 44pts

    For the final 2013 Overall Scores and to see this year’s TNA Championship prediction winner please go to:

    Until next time!


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