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    World Wrestling Championship: 2001 is gonna go wild BROTHER!

    World Wrestling Championship Background

    In 2001 WCW closed due to mis-
    management & the sponsers being dickheads. Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, who got blown off by the WCW Booker at the time, Vince Russo, decided to start his own company, in tribute to the recently busted company. With Eric Bischoff being signed as the head booker, there's a lot of speculation about the new company. Hulk managed to sign a TV Deal with ABC after WWF TV left them for TNN. WWC's roster mainly consists of ex-WCW & ECW wrestlers & current indy guys.



    Hulk Hogan
    Rick Steiner
    Jerry Sags
    Brian Knobbs
    New Jack
    Diamond Dallas Page
    Rob Van Dam
    Lance Storm
    Rey Mysterio Jr
    Billy Kidman
    Jack Evans
    Air Paris
    Juventud Guerrera
    Teddy Hart
    Amazing Red
    La Parka
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Amish Roadkill
    Danny Doring
    Jerry Lynn


    Sid Vicious
    Scott Steiner
    Curt Hennig
    Kevin Nash
    Scott Hall
    Shane Douglas
    Dan Severn
    Ken Shamrock
    Keiji Mutoh
    Low Ki
    Mark Jindrak
    Sean O'Haire
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    Yoshihiro Tajiri
    Super Crazy
    AJ Styles
    Christopher Daniels
    Jamie Knoble
    Kaz Hayashi
    Buff Bagwell
    Lex Luger
    Steve Corino

    Special Episodes

    1: 50 Shades of Chaos
    2: Warzone
    3: Berlin Bloodbath (3 Nights)
    4: Death Before Dishonor
    5: Revenge
    6: No More Mercy
    7: SummerBash
    8: Black September
    9: King Of Kings Tournament (3 Nights)
    10: Golden Domination


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