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    Vince has no reason to buy TNA, look what happened when he bought Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW and WCW. how many of those stars ended up in WWE??? so he didnt get many new stars just got the rights to the name and the video library...and with wrestliing popularity on a decline...would be a bad decision

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddogg336 View Post
    y the fuck would i get mad
    maybe because your name is maddogg, U MAD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPEEINTHESHOWER View Post
    maybe because your name is maddogg, U MAD?
    Maddogg336 don't mind him. He just trolls. I mean even a heel wrestler has enough intelligence not to troll.

    Anyways on topic, I think he shouldn't. Vince needs the competition. Even if that competition is a small company.

    Picture it this way: TNA=Your typical mom and pop store with good items for sell. WWE=Wal-mart.

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