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    My Earthquake predictions.

    Hey guys I made this thread just wondering if any of u is insterested in hearing out my theories on what sort of earthquakes and where they could hit next
    It could be in ur area, my predictions alongside with several other youtube users and solar analysts on skype, I am rather young to understand all that they say but i am interested in studying the cosmos and our planet earth. I always been fascinated to study these sort of things, so I wanna know if any of you is interested in our team work over this matter.
    Last fatal earthquake was felt in christchurch new zealand magnitude 6.3 killed over 90 people.
    New zealand for example has been ravaged by earthquakes along its fault line since early of this year in january
    But I could pinpoint the next locations where earthquakes may hit
    Our team bases on the sun's current activity which is a huge factor for earthquakes, the solar winds could produce solar flares which tell us a more accurate database to how the next earthquakes will play out, but the most vital part are the sun coranal holes, which determine the latitude and longitude and also in which hemisphere it could happen.
    If any of u is interested to know, please do tell me. I would kindly start a 3 to 3 day update on the upcoming 72 hours prior to any event.
    These predictions are not 100% accurate but we have been right on the mark at least 6 out of 10 times, so i think its worthwhile to post.


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