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Thread: 3-3-11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Didn't watch, but I will say that the venue looked great. It seemed like they were a wrestling company in an arena and not a Universal side show in a TV studio
    Agreed, the larger crowd made a difference.

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    the crowd was much better, but that's what happens when you leave the Orlando Sheeple behind and actually have a fresh crowd to entertain. Definitely needed more actual wrestling....and where the HELL is Samoa Joe??......but overall, one of TNA's best shows in many moons.
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    I honestly don't see why people thought it was so good. I'm a HUUUUGGGGEEEE fan of TNA, and WWE, but I was really dissapointed with this one. The jersey short shit was a load of bigger shit then I expected it to be, believe it or not I've been a REAL big fan of this Velvet Sky/Sarita feud and when they fought I thought it would last a good ten minutes, how wrong was I? The match absolutly sucked. TNA's better knockouts (Mickie James, Winter) Wern't even on the card. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Crimson, The Pope, Amazing Red, all these amazing talents took a back seat to Rob Terry and Scott Steiner who had another dissapointing match. Kurt Angle pulling out a axe? Seriously? That ruined the whole segment that suprisingly I was actually enjoying.

    I'm never going to stop watching TNA or WWE, no matter what. But that Impact was terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowki View Post
    I ask this as a fan that has recently read chris jericho's latest interview concerning TNA and their inability to not reference WWE; Why Nay-than, Why did you have to state that you are not a fan of WWE? What relevance does this have to your thread about TNA?

    In line with the thread, i'll let you know next tuesday when the UK airing takes place -_-
    Spoilers don't look TOO bad though.
    Because otherwise i'd be being called a TNA mark, so if i atleast reference WWE in some way, the hatred comments wont come a-flowing.

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    The show would've been so much better if they removed Bart Scott, Angelina, and one of the wedding skits and istead made all the matches last longer.

    They already had Hogan and Sting, no point in any other "attractions" like NFL and Jersey Shore stars.

    As far as the wedding skit goes, didn't really enjoy it too much. For all you "no violence against women" fellas, I do belive I read somewhere around here that Karen missed her spot or something, she was supposed to fall on the cake, so maybe they had to improvise.. But after the first part, I was actually surprised they came out and did the whole thing again, it made no sense to me. It was just poorly written and took way too much time away from other things.

    The arena was awesome, as many have said, it really gives a much better atmosphere to the whole show. TNA should definately tour more! Oh, and I loved those moving doors that were used for Hogans and Stings enterance, although I still can't get used to the fact that Sting is WALKING to the ring.. He should always just DROP into it! That gimmick just never gets old for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nay_Than View Post
    Because otherwise i'd be being called a TNA mark, so if i atleast reference WWE in some way, the hatred comments wont come a-flowing.
    True, but posting in the TNA section means you shouldn't have to. That's the nature of the beast though, everyone has to compare something to something else. =/

    Reading through the comments, i realised that TNA were in a different arena? Does this mean i can watch impact without thinking "God, i wish these idiots would shut the fk up" throughout?

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    Fairly poor show IMO, not enough wrestling, no X-Division AGAIN and the knockouts weren't up to their normal standard. AJ fell back to his normal level of promo after his great effort in the break away from Immortal which now seems like forever ago. Why did they let Matt Hardy near a microphone? He's just about good enough to be in the ring but has never been good enough for a speaking part. Jeff's reaction to Sting was actually about the best thing Jeff has done this year in TNA, he actually was believable. Gunner and Murphy are still around? Why? Is there a good reason why Immortal doesn't contain some actual talent? We're meant to see two jobbers, a body builder, a future soap dropper and a permanent midcarder as a dominant force? I think Immortal looked strong when it had Fortune in it cause that's where the talent in TNA is. Obviously not all of it but you have 4 fairly solid wrestlers there.

    A wedding angle? No wait, two wedding angles? No wait, even worse not the actual wedding but a renewal of vows??! Why? And an AXE? need a step up from a sledge hammer I guess, or a baseball bat? Can we have a shot gun next week cause I think the weapons gimmick needs more power behind it?

    Yeah probably one of the worst impacts I've watched in a long time. TNA has a roster with wrestling talent but at the moment we're not getting any proof of that. What we are seeing is the lack of promo skills and writing talent they have though

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