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Thread: 3-3-11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nay_Than View Post
    Now i am not a fan of WWE, im a huge TNA fan.

    In my oppinion, TNA, 3-3-11 was one fucking good show. Now there may not have been a lot of wrestling, but it was one emotional episode. I didnt skip one minute of it!

    The crowd was fucking epic and the whole atmosphere was amazing.

    Now, if TNA would have done this episode live, i really think they would have scored a 1.5 rating atleast. Not sure what the ratings are yet though..

    But anyway, IWC, What did you think of 3-3-11? Do you think its all up from here?

    I personally really enjoyed it. Do you think this is TNA's turning point?
    I've been saying for months now that Sting needed to change his outdated "Crow" look. Paul Heyman famously said that TNA has failed to brand its stars. And having old wrestlers come in with their own gimmicks doesn't do anything for TNA but make it look like it is re-using things that succeeded in the past. Even a week ago I said that Crow-Sting seems out of place in the current environment, because Sting became The Crow because he was "returning from the dead" to take down the NWO, which had "killed WCW". It was topical, it referenced a huge part of pop culture in the late 90's, and that was what made the gimmick so iconic. Having Sting walk around in his Crow persona in TNA always seemed out of place, having no relevance to anything current whatsoever.

    About two years ago, Sting returned to TNA with green and red facepaint and I was excited because I thought that Sting was going back to his early days in WCW, before the Crow character when he just wore the facepaint and streamers. I thought that it was a good way to show that even though Sting had lost his heart in WCW, lost all his COLOR so to speak, that he had now found it in TNA. I thought that TNA was finally branding Sting, rather than reliving past glories. So I am happy that Sting finally changed his appearance.

    I thought that the wedding angle was too suggestive of man-on-woman abuse. Didn't Spike TV do a ban on this type of thing years ago? Angle putting his hands on Karen Jarrett and pushing her into the cake was a little too much for me. And the whole "ANGLE IS AN AXE MURDERER, LOL!" thing seemed a little too over the top. The idea of Kurt Angle with an axe is just wrong. Even Taz himself said "Does Kurt Angle even NEED an axe?". I just don't like the imagery of Kurt with an axe anywhere near a woman. I find it a shame that Kurt Angle, the man who once turned down an offer from ECW because of its crucifixion angle, now performs in TNA in an angle involving both his children, and implied male-on-female violence.

    The show was good. The crowd and the set made it even better. Larger arenas make TNA seem more professional.

    Hulk Hogan gaining control of TNA seems like a waste of time. Fourtune has the tag-title belts and the X-division title, Jeff Hardy just lost the World Heavyweight Championship, so with Hogan "having control", it basically means we can expect the next few months of screwjob title switches. I think Hogan gaining control of TNA is just a last-ditch effort to keep Immortal relevant, as they have nothing.

    Immortal has a lot of dead weight. Gunner and Murphy are two nobodies who have no chemistry, no character, and no gimmick to keep them interesting. Rob Terry was given an opportunity to main event in TNA and he was found to be too sloppy in the ring. Thats 3 guys that are dead weight in what is supposed to be a major faction.

    A Kurt Angle video aired saying Angle was going to take down Immortal one by one. Hopefully, this means that Hogan and Bischoff's contracts will end, and they will be written off television as if Angle took them out. It gave me hope for the future because the amount of mic time Hogan and Bischoff get makes TNA unwatchable for me. They are two non-wrestling entities, so they have no place on a wrestling program.

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    they attracted one of their biggest crowds in awhile compared to the barn that attracts 1100 people, in North Cackalackey they attracted 3500 people
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    I did enjoy Sting's entrance! That was well done!
    Didn't they also steal Stings entrance from The Undertaker's WWE entrance? They did the whole 3-3-11 logo on the screen, followed by a video package, followed by the actual intro. Wasn't the Undertaker's return done exactly the same way? If so, I think this cheapens the moment

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    the one good part in the whole show was Roode got mic time and wrestled. the more he is shown as the true star of TNA the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SevenCagedTigers View Post
    Didn't they also steal Stings entrance from The Undertaker's WWE entrance? They did the whole 3-3-11 logo on the screen, followed by a video package, followed by the actual intro. Wasn't the Undertaker's return done exactly the same way? If so, I think this cheapens the moment
    The video was similar but the music was much different and full of energy! Taker's Cash song fits his gimmick and similar music would not have faired well for Sting!

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    Didn't watch, but I will say that the venue looked great. It seemed like they were a wrestling company in an arena and not a Universal side show in a TV studio
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    watch for a swerve, hogan is going face... (puke) they used the whole i can't believe i admired you line a couple too many times not for it to be a set up... as for Angle/ Jarret.... it's pathetic. add in the Jersey shore BS, and the Morgan Hernandez Squash, and you have a mediocre show. if you are going to make hernandez a Heel then he needs to dominate, him getting punked with his own move was worthless. So he was the biggest Badass in TNA went to mexico and came back a chump? REALLY... REALLY... i like that Roode got mic time, i like that they are makign Terry work with Steiner Maybe he can teach him how not to look so wooden his name should be Pinocchio.
    I'm a fan of TNA, i really like what they USED to do, what they've been doing now makes me glad i DVR it.
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    I don't watch TNA on a regular basis, but I thought it sucked. If that was a good show, I'd hate to see a mediocre one.

    The Wedding skit, or whatever was horrible, although, I liked the look on Kurt Angles face. He looked like he was forcing a smile to hold in so much rage.

    There wasn't nearly enough wrestling, but they had a couple good matched. The Tag team match was alright. I really didn't understand the NY Jets player being there. The Jersey Shore segment was terrible as well.

    What is with the backstage camera angles? They are terrible. It's like someomne is filming it with thier phone.

    I'm glad Rick Flair has a job, but it's just sad to watch him. He's a shadow of his former self. Hogan is even worse.
    Shannon Moore shouldn't be on TV. Period. Just awful.

    - Ken Anderson is gold, no matter who is working for.
    - I really liked the Matt Morgan/ Hernandez match.
    - I actually liked the guard rails being metal. Looked kind of old school. I thought that was cool.
    - I'm glad Sting won. He may be one of the oldest World Champions ever, but I have no problem with him getting a last title run. Good for him.

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    Meh, felt like I was watching a normal crappy (nowadays anyways) TNA show that was just in a different arena. The only thing I thought that was good about it was being in a different arena gave them more room and brought TNA out of the dark a bit on camera. Other than that it was the same crappy thing over and over again. Hogan/Bishoff just need to go away, get off camera and stfu cause no one wants to hear your crap anymore. I think the majority of fans just want the old TNA back where wrestling was the main point of the show and good wrestling at that. Now it is basically a mix of WCW/ECW but with crappier writers. Now with Hogan back in control I beleive I will be switching off Spike TV on Thursday nights until it (man I hope it does) reverts back to what TNA was originally. As for Angle, I feel bad for him. I wish he would go back to the WWE but it will never happen mostly because WWE docs most likely will not clear him to wrestle because of his kneck and whatever drugs he takes just to deal with the pain he has. They just need to let him wrestle and school people and not talk on the mic anymore. Just go out and kick ass and stop with the stupid ass family drama shit.

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    the ''network'' and jarrets wedding was annoying as hell...i am a huge tna mark but thats hard to defend if u than that the crowd was sweet....and felt so diffetent than the impact zone which is really good ....the crowd pops was nice

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