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    Hulk Hogan....Do you want to be crippled?

    And I Quote..XD

    Monday on Twitter, a fan asked him about the possibility of wrestling one final match and he said that he would like return to the ring by the end of the year. A company source reports that Hogan discussed returning to the ring at last Thursday's taping.
    This guy just doesn't get it. Why would you put your already messed up back in jeopardy. There is going to be a point where he can't walk at all.
    He's going to be coming down to the ring in a wheelchair soon...just watch..

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    This is really sad. I have to wonder, did his ex get that huge a settlement that he feels he has to do it for the money or is it just an ego thing?

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    i know shawn came back gradually froma bad back but the fact is he was senesible about hulks "syle" even in 2006 was that of like a powerful showman and the fact is he hasnt a singles match since his hulkmania tour down under but to be honest if hulk wants to wrestle against samoa joe in tna and risk having joe kick his back as stiff as a plank of wood then its hiw own but to be honest it would like a car crash you know it will end badly but you would watch it

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    Agreed. Hogan is a legend, no doubt. But he's ruining his legacy by carrying on wrestling. Flair is the same. If Hogan continues to wrestle, then there is no doubt in my mind that he's going to do permanent damage to his back, and he will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Even if it is just one more match, one bad hit to his back could be all it takes to do the damage.
    I don't mind Hogan and Flair staying in the business, but it's just sad to see them wrestle. Flair is doing a great job as an on-screen character in TNA, and he hasn't actually wrestled in a while now (and I hope it stays that way). I just hope Hogan sees sense and forgets about doing another match.
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    More than Hogan, i think TNA officials are the ones to be blamed for allowing him to wrestle in their company.I mean its just not about himself he could even injure his opponent by accident and that should be unacceptable

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    In this case, future TNA world champ: Hulk Hogan!

    jk, but all it would take is a bodyslam, hell, even trying to do his legdrop could severely affect his back!

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    Let the judgement and chastising begin.

    I hope he does get hurt and hurt bad. Maybe itd knock some sense into him. Maybe he should stop living like a baller when he,s not. I watched som documentary on him where he was with his new girlfriend in his old house and there wasn't even furniture.
    I used to do some risky and stupid stuff that just wasn't necessary in the military. Until i blew my knee out and chipped a disc in my back while cracking 2 ribs and seperating a bunch of tendons in my hand. Ask me if I ever did anything like that again?
    If he really loved his family he would just stop. Why do it? For a big payday? Ha! That's $10K in TNA. Vince won't give it to him. There isn't even anyone left that can carry him in a match for that long and make it look good.
    you suck Hogan. The cemetary called. They want your career back.Deusch!

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    LMAO, this made me laugh out so loudly that it woke up my son..
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    sonofabitch. The rumors were true.

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    hagan has already messed up tna and dosent need to do it anymore by stealing the spotlight from some of the young guys

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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    why am i not surprised or shocked to hear this
    this is why i gave up on tna's sinking boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by vbirwin View Post
    This is really sad. I have to wonder, did his ex get that huge a settlement that he feels he has to do it for the money or is it just an ego thing?
    I heard allegedly the settlement got real ugly and they even fought over a toilet seat. I wonder if it looked like this

    BREAKING NEWS Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.


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