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    The Other Wrestlers Must Be Sick Of The Shield

    Not the actual members,I mean who knows about that? I mean like The wrestlers were sick of The NWO back in the day. Every week. "Ok time to get beat up again". Also these three guys that are there what a year,a little more being put out there like they are the greatest wrestlers in the history of The World and wrestling didn't mean anything until they got there. I know they get paid a lot of money so they do what Vince says and be quiet about it. Personally though it must eat away at them. People like The Big Show. 7 foot whatever 400 pounds and he is basically made their b*tch every week. Daniel Bryan at his worst,sick,hand cuffed and blindfolded is a better wrestler then all three of them combined at their best. JBL every week saying "This Is Their Yard" How long was The Undertaker there working his butt off to earn the right to have that said about him and then these three snots come and that saying is just handed to them? It would make me want to El Cabong somebody with one of those ring steps.

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    I think you're taking it a little too serious. It's all part of the scripted storyline man.

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    As Tommy said, you are taking things way to seriously. Simmer down a bit.
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    So this ‚Äčis why I was told to try and avoid wrestling fans on the Internet...

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    Hogan please go!

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    It's still verisimilitude to me dammit!

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    I know guys back in the territory days would absolutely HATE when they saw their name on the card vs. The Road Warriors. Those guys literally beat up their opponents, scripted or not. The Shield is much more clean and far less stiff. Finlay, JBL & Bob Holly used to be Vince's goons when it came to working stiff and testing newer wrestlers.

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    Don't drink the Shield-Aid.

    These guys are very stale now. Same old shit, week in, week out. Nothing new or different. It's lazy writing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    It's still verisimilitude to me dammit!


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