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    Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole (everything Cole/Lawler here)

    Hey people,

    Dont know about you lot, but I feel that the special guest referee for Cole/Lawler at WM 27 will be the Anonymous Raw GM.

    So in other words I believe he/she will reveal themselves in the coming weeks or will reveal themselves at WM itself.

    It makes sense because they are hoping to announce the GM soon and it would make sense for Cole to choose this person as she/she love Cole

    Your opinions please?

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    Maybe the guest referee maybe Ted Di Biase since he was invovled somewhat and are really giving a horror run
    soo why not further his stay in the dog house with being the ref for Lawler/Cole

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    That would make sense in a way as Lawler and DiBiase have been fueding, somewhat, in the last few weeks, but I think there is more chance for the Raw GM coming to light

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    I thought the same thing, but i'm wondering who that could be? JR heel turn!!! Lol jk

    But on a side note, after Triple H destroyed Shaemus, and after the Gm saying that it wasn't his problem and he was still going to have a match, I had a feeling at that moment that the Raw gm might have been Triple H himself.

    But noe i'm beginning to think it might be Stephanie, it makes sence, since she is Triple H's wife afterall. but if that's the case, then I don't see the gm being the special guest ref. I mean what would she have against Lawler, and most importantly why would she (a woman) be the special guest ref, instead of Cole getting some big Heel wrestler?

    Idk, all I know is that this gm stuff needs to be revealed now if not as soon as possible.
    who knows, maybe at the draft lol

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    The referee will be on Cole's side during the match so without a doubt its gonna be Alex riley.

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    ok so let's get this straight
    the gm as the special guest referee will he talk through the laptop? no i dont think so
    if it was stephanie it wouldnt make any sense to be the special guest referee
    who uses stone cold quotes
    dx quotes
    praises michael cole but is neutral in every match
    i have no idea who it is

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    Booker T? Cole could just make him do it. Turn from Booker. Booker v King after mania for spot to continue announcing.

    Or Vickie Guerrero. shes been "fired" so not doing anything on smackdown. On smackdown when Vickie was beggin Cole to do something after being fired Cole was like "i dont know, i wish i could help you. I'll try and do something!" (somethinglike that). Cole could say "Ive got you a job! Ive hired you to be the referee, Im sure you'll call it straight down the middle, (wink, laugh, hug)" And I qoute!!! Excuse me!!!!

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    i suspect he'll pick the gm and the gm will trn on him or it will be jim ross even though jr has said hes not i dont think wwe have a long term plan with it

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    cole vs lawler

    ok so we know the trainer but who's the referee any suggestion, i got to guesses one the unanimous gm, and second jim ross, ok this is just a wild guest but do you guys remember when jr was a heel and made that great promo on how vince was holding him back and his disease and all the stuff, well it would be cool if he can return and do the same kind of promo although i would prefer for him to return as baby face and as an anouncer

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