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    I'm not a lover of Cena for the simple fact that he CANNOT wrestle!!!! He has a great business brain and is happy to pick up his check. COME ON!!! He is no Stone Cold or The Rock!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Watcher View Post
    Do you think Randy Orton might be that guy? He's been getting MASSIVE crowd reactions lately and his character is more edgy, not to mention that his shirts (and presumably the rest of his merchandise) have a more adult style.

    I'm not necessarily an Orton fan but he does seem to be capturing that "Stone Cold" mentality.
    Next Stone Cold, Yes. I can see the Stone Cold dripping off him, he's got the same attitude. Where Stone Cold stunned anyone, anywhere at anytime, Orton does the same with RKO's, In some ways Orton is more entertaining, because with Stone Cold you could see a stunner a mile off, but where as Randy, he literally picks them out of the air.

    I dont think WWE could make the same profit off Orton as they do Cena, I can see it progressing down the line and WWE making Ortons character even more profitable, but I just cant see him being the staple of WWE, the main guy that Cena is today.

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    They would not turn him heel for awhile- Vince would lose a crapload of money on advertising. He is loyal to Vince, and entertains some people. But if he turned heel, it would still be the same- a man with a few moves, and superman ending to his matches.

    One way I think he should turn heel is do his stupid 'U can't see me' thing but instead of his five fingers, he just flips the bird and tells his fans off- least thats the way I would write it if I was one of WWEs writers.

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    I really don't care much for Cena anymore.

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    John Cena Heel Turn

    Ok so most fans agree that the superman John Cena is bad for the wrestling side of the business if not for the merchandise side. WWE could quite easily turn him heel by making him keep giving up in matches and situations (i.e get him running away from nexus or any confrontation) which would play nicely against his merchandising slogan and just have him get more and more frustrated till he snaps and then you could have pyscho superman
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    Bad for wrestling and merchandise side? I dont think so tim
    And why would WWE want Cena turn heel when he is popular right now.

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    unless your a teenage girl, a 12 year old boy or a casual wrestling fan, your sick of John Cena. A heal turn for John Cena would be the best thing for wrestling and the WWE. Calling the WWE a legitimate wrestling company is like calling the Harlem Globetrotters a legitimate basketball team.

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    Hahaha niice analogy mike, cuz the globetrotters ain't a legit basketball team
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeE View Post
    unless your a teenage girl, a 12 year old boy or a casual wrestling fan, your sick of John Cena.
    I'm neither at the list above,neutral is the word I can think of,I respect for what he or any wrestlers did in the ring,maybe mix casual there as I enjoy watching wrestling.

    As for your statement,come on I've read that kind of argument all over wrestling forum I've been to...well maybe 2 forum but kids? teenage girls? isn't WWE targeting those demographics? I thought this forum knows better,guess I'm wrong.

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    seriously WWE is aiming at the kids and the kids love him not to mention you said he is bad for the merchandise????? are you kidding me kids get mommy and daddy to buy his stuff for them all the time im willing to bet that his stuff makes the most money out of all the talent in the wwe dont get me wrong i would love to see him go heel but it is not good for business for them until kids stop liking him

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