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    Cena to turn heel is the one thing I desperatly want to happen in WWE, I doubt it will happen soon though.

    Cena has recently had a new line of merch released, it would be a waste for him to make a heel turn now as the merch sales would drop. Cena sells merch far better than any WWE superstar, Hats, T-shirts, sweat bands, bags, spinning titles the lot...Orton only sells T-shirts atm. If Orton started moving the same amount of merch as Cena is doing and Cenas fan base slips then and only then I think Cena will turn heel.

    But knowing Vince and the amount of money Cena brings in I cant see him risking all that right now just to make interesting TV that could go pear shaped.

    Kids love Cena, kids all have phases and fads they go through each year, it happens at school, playgrounds, everywhere. Eventually the kids grow up, get bored or move on to the next "cool" thing. Orton is that cool thing.

    Cena is a fad that will (hopefully soon) die out. I just hope that the era of Orton is the start of the fading of John Cena.

    "I am going to put on a Nexus shirt and armband and go drink the tears of John Cena fans."
    - Joey Styles

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