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    hmmm it's an interesting perspective, and i agree, and Disagree. i don't completely buy the "I do what i do and people react" line... I think that Smirk of his is one of his best tools, he uses it to set up promos but more often he uses it to get the "Cena sucks" chants going. That is a heel move, that is no less a heel move than Ziggler doing the showboating to get the face marks booing. I like Ziggler's wrestling but his character pisses me off when i allow my willing suspension of disbelief to take over. Cena gets me pulling for the good guy the same way. ironically i'm not a huge fan of his wrestling style but he has improved over the past year. he plays Face to the people who like him and to the "spirit of fair play and all that is just and good" except he doesn't, he baits his detractors so instead of a tweener that you can't tell whether he's a good guy or a bad guy, He becomes both a good guy AND a bad guy, he sets you up and smirks and says something that is going to get the "we hate Cena" crowd into an fit of apoplexy, so is he a heel, it depends on who you are. In the story Line? no way he's the good guy, he's superman, captain america, hulk hogan, and Abe lincoln all balled up into one giant apple pie and baseball mush that gets almost to sweet to digest. in how he plays it, yeah because it's the only way he could keep that run working without alienating his fan base. He gives the Hell marks someone to hate, and personifies all the things they hate about face wrestlers then throws it in your face, just like a good heel does to a face mark.
    just because i didn't agree doesn't mean i didn't listen, it just means you were wrong. Now go away please.

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